Friday, May 8, 2015

Ok, so I raised my voice.

Yesterday was busy, but full!  I was with my mom all day, then Mary Claire and I had a mother-daughter tea party.  Beautiful flowers, sooo much food, delicious tea (I chose blueberry!), and gorgeous girls and dresses.  Such a sweet tradition.
Soo..after a sticky hot afternoon, our hair isn't so great..but we got time together! : )

Obviously I should reconsider my hairstyle choice.
Here's a better one Sandra got:
Ok, there is no glare, but she's giving the mischievous smile.
Then Clay had two baseball games across town.  He was exhausted.  I feel for that boy. : )

This morning was endocrinology appointments x2.  I was not excited. (Like, I think I'd like to try sewing my head to the carpet more than going.) (or walking on Legos that are on fire.) I was exhausted from yesterday and didn't even watch one of my favorite drama-filled, anxiety-inducing shows (haha!) last night.

Our endocrinologist likes my kids to check their blood sugars on their own meters. (Does he realize meters are public property around here?  Heck, I'll check your kid!  My husband probably checks himself once a week)  He has no idea how thankful I am that they even CHECK their blood.

So I actually took the time to walk around the house to collect meters (two from kitchen, one from upstairs, one from her purse, one from the car..), and the nurse scoffed (polite word for eye-rolling, heavy breathing, and language under his breath) at me.  They don't get how on-the-edge I am.  I didn't get to eat breakfast (too common lately), I'm stressed, and don't need a lecture.  I can't take all the chastising that takes place there.  I do the best I can with these two teenagers who HATE diabetes.  I try to get them to eat in the open (hiding food strongly discouraged!), bolus for it, and tell me when they get a low reservoir warning.

I got upset once and kinda raised my voice.  The doctor wants Clay to "enter" all his blood sugars on the pump.  He said there were too many boluses with --- for the blood glucose.  Umm..did you notice all seven of those boluses were in the span of FORTY FIVE minutes?  He DID check at 7:15am, then proceeded to locust-eat everything in sight, like he does every day.  Until 7:50am.  I'm sorry, we aren't rechecking mid-feast.  Like it'd give you any real-time data anyway. (hi, this is your blood, there is a lot of food and insulin being dumped in me right now..and I'm making up my mind what I'm going to do with it..Ahhhh!!)

Second rant?  When Clay is 55, or 63, or 78, or even 100 or 108, we don't enter it.  It doesn't require a BOLUS, and said child doesn't want to get the pump out to "enter" it.  (I had to ask how/why you would even do that..he wants me to "pretend" to bolus, then give 0.00 units.)  My opinion is there is nothing for him to talk to me about, so he's finding something for me to do.

So, the nurse brought in stickers (cut up white labels, obviously he soo doesn't know me).  We laid out all the meters, labeled where they came from, and whose they were.  Then we assigned meters to each child.  For each spot.  Now, they are supposed to stick to their own meter.  Like good girls and boys do.  (Dick and Jane check blood.  Dick and Jane use their own meters.  Dick and Jane are always 100.  Dick and Jane only eat at meals.)
Their a1c's were 7.8 and 8.1..obviously lots of room for improvement.  Maybe that was the reason for the talking to.  I have to say I'm not crying (there are worse things to cry about), and I'm not taking it personally.  I tell them all the time to check themselves, and they both sneak food.  I think it's a stage, and it won't last forever.  (And also, I'm considering bribing them.  It works for grades, and a little money seems to grease everyone's wheels. ha!)

We shall move forward, pray for these little (ok, bigger than me) stinkers, and have peace.  I'm not willing to fight over food.  Or numbers. 

Hugs to y'all that are fighting diabetes (or any number of other hormones),


Unknown said...

Sounds like you guys could use a more supportive team? I hate when this happens, and especially since you guys are obviously doing more than fine! Especially with teenagers and the instability of hormones messing with bgs! You are doing great mom! Happy mother's day!! <3

Holly said...

Thank you so much, Maria!! I DO need some support. I'm trying my best, and it's sooo hard with growing teens. And yes, HORMONES.
Thank you!!