Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tweet, Tweet!

I must tell you, I have NO idea what I'm doing, but they let me in the Club.  Ha!  I'm now on "the Twitter"!  My login/name/ID/cutesy hashtag thing/whatchamacalit is (do I have to use the @ sign?) @1blessedholly

I have thus figured out how to:
1.)  Post thoughts, a.k.a. Tweet (but only on my computer).  (good start, huh?)
2.)  Find people I don't know, a.k.a. Famous People
3.)  Add a photo of me.
4.)  Add a dorky bio.
5.)  Add the Twitter app on my phone!

I have not figured out how to do these things (and may need that Twitter For Dummies book):
1.)  Find people I know IRL (Mom, it means In Real Life)
2.)  Figure out what all the # and @'s mean.
3.)  Figure out how to talk to people.
4.)  Tweet from my phone.
5.)  Pretend like I know what I'm doing, ya'll.

Let's just say you are my friend.  You should totally give me a tutorial (of the briefy type), and tell me why we tweet.  I'm not selling anything, I don't need you to buy the book, I have no real wisdom/news to impart (besides don't drink the kool-aid and a-l-w-a-y-s carry extra diapers and maxi pads), but if the Pope can do it, by golly, I can too! : )

So, seriously.  Help me out here.

Oh...and guess what I made last night? (preTwitter, when I still felt intelligent and knowledgeable)  A totally cute, beach towel!  I found this super cute (I promise to think of more creative, scholarly words tomorrow) robot applique, and added Ethan's name!

I can bet you know what grabbed me.  The heart...I *heart* this robot!
I just love it.  I let him pick out his fabric and thread color.  He would've chosen green on green with green thread (but I convinced him the robot would be camoflauged!)  Ches went to get two more towels (for the other two kids), so they can have Special Towels too.  Mary Claire has requested a unicorn, and Clay could care less (not official, I didn't actually ask..but he'd prefer a magnifying glass to sun-zap his water droplets I think).

I don't take the time to make my kids things that often (hmm..aside from Mary Claire I guess!), so it's been fun to see them all excited.  It's why I bought the machine after all.

Now...I've found my next toy.  If you hear all about it, you'll want one too! : )  It's a Silhouette SD, and it cuts anything (fabric, vinyl, paper, etc.)  It attaches to your computer (think...printer), you can use pictures or fonts on your computer, and it CUTS THEM OUT! : )  I want it to cut sticky vinyl (that can go through the dishwasher) to put on glasses, dishes, windows, walls, notebooks, you name it!  How cool is that?

I'm petitioning my sweet husband. : )  But, I'm also asking for an ice cream maker (I dream of chocolate Reese's ice cream), so we'll see what happens.  My birthday isn't for awhile, so I'll have to dream up a holiday. ; )


Unknown said...

I am a horrible "tweeter" person.

AND...awesome towel Holly!!!

The Ware's said...

I use Twitter but mainly as a source of information from others - news, weather, and the like.. wish I could be more help. :o)

Misty said...

The only thing I know how to do is say that I have no idea what I'm doing on Twitter!! I do know how to post my blog posts there, but thats about it.