Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pee In My Bed

It's a good thing they look so angelic sleeping, because ahhhhhh! They can be a pain.
Last night we had storms, and early this morning..five-ish..I had one in my bed with us (we have a queen-sized bed, so it was too tight-I think we were sharing oxygen), and then one on my floor.  I got no sleep (can you tell by the crabbiness?), and got repeatedly kicked (he pushes hard on his little fence-thing that holds him in his bed so he doesn't fall out), since I was the fence.  Then he scratched me with his little nails (and I was just having sweet feelings about those little hands yesterday when we washed hands..) and head-banged me (he did say, "Sorry, Mama" in the sweetest sleepy voice).  Then the ultimate, we-have-to-get-up (on a dark rainy morning):

Ethan:  I'm almost done peeing.
Me:  What?!
Ethan:  I need new clothes.
Me: What?!
Ethan: I peed in your bed, and I'm wet.
Me:  Lord, help me.

So we went upstairs to get him washed and get new jammies, and I'm up.  I can't sleep in my nice warm bed since it's nice and warm with pee-on my side.  (To his credit, it's only about a 5" circle, and he went for a long time it could've been much worse!)  (I try to look on the bright side) (Bright side, bright side...and my sheets and mattress pad will be nice and clean tonight) (And I got a jump on laundry this morning.)

And now, my other brilliant child has played with a toy that isn't mine-making me so angry!  Two days ago, he was walking around our yard poking holes in our trees with a landscaping spike.  Big Holes.  Hidden aggression? 
At least he remembered to take his shower this morning.  Small victories. : )  (And he is SO smart..we are thinking it's Book Smart, not the Common-Sense kind.)  (I can't think he's doing these things on purpose.)

I really hope Diabetes behaves herself today-I'm tired and my patience is already wearing thin..and we have a l-o-n-g day in front of us: church, and our Diabetes Walk Kick-Off and a Naturals game.

Lord, please give me peace (and good blood sugars) today.  (and maybe a nap?)


Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

Clean sheets are wonderful...bummer about the pee, though!
Hope you get that nap...and me, too! :)

Jen Snow said...

Wow! That was a busy start to a day! :) I have one of those smart kids with little common sense! LOL Hope your day got better!!

The Ware's said...

Hope the rest of the day got better - they were good in CLW! :o) Thinking of you! :o)

Heidi / D-Tales said...

Been there with the pee in the bed! It's never a nice way to wake up!

At times, Jack lacks common sense, too. After Dex drowned, you would think my smart boy would have learned his lesson. Oh, no! He dropped his iPod Touch in the pool a week if the iPod should have even been near the pool! Fortunately, after it dried, it began working again, but Gregg and I were so irked. I know how you've been feeling!

Hope your day turned out to be a good one!!

The DL said...

haha sure sounds like you have your hands full! Glad to hear you trying to look on the bright side!