Monday, June 27, 2011

Clean Hair Wasted

It has been too long..I miss my friends! ; )  I promise to come by and visit, I have to know how everyone is doing!

We've been the usual busy-we saw Cars 2 (loved it!) (and Midnight in Paris on a date Saturday night!) and I've been sewing and swimming and planting flowers (I think some already died-boo.) and playing with friends and we figured out how to run tv cable out by the pool!  We took the kitchen tv out there (we never use it since we don't have cable in there!), and voila-tv Outside!  We kinda feel like inventors/rockstars even though People have been doing it for years.  It just felt so fun!  We are wild & crazy watching the news and House Hunters on Vacation (they were actually picking out rental houses for vacation-so cool!) out by the pool! hahaha! : )

We had family pictures for our new church directory on Saturday-it's been ten years since the last one-Clay was three months old, and boy-have we changed! : )  I took precious time to find us matchy-matchy clothes (Kelly's Kids is still having a super, 30% off sale with free shipping! and now we'll be their new poster children), I got up early to get everyone freshly washed and shampooed (aren't dirty fingernails the bane of Good Family Pictures?), and worked my hardest to get my hair to calm down (it's Humid Summer after all), and Then.

Welcome to Clean Hair Land. : )
We had a decent photo shoot.  Decent, as in not everyone smiled at once.  The pictures were astronomical (as in price), and they just weren't good.  I was so disappointed.  We had to choose one that was on the boring gray/bluish background for the directory, and they were all bad.  Clay wanted to wear his glasses, but in one, they cut right through his eyeballs, Ethan wasn't looking, Mary Claire smirked, so I had to choose the one where everyone (I) looked pretty good.  Ches looked good in all of them-he doesn't mess up a picture, so there's that. : )  We left-and I wanted some better pictures.  We called up our Picture People-they can deliver!-and get This.  They closed.  I was so sad.  They were my back up since we were all dressed for pictures (mustn't waste clean hair!), but no.  So.. home to swim, and everyone had pool hair again. : (

The good news?  I booked us some beach photography! : )  We are headed back to Ocean City, NJ, the end of July/first of August, so we'll be shooting some fun.  But..her website said no all black or all white, and no prints. What's a Matchy-Match to do? : /  (Seriously?)

Umm...have you ever virtually shopped, and your shopping cart is full, and you get to checkout, and Reality hits, and you freeze up-in indecision over whether or not you really need those furniture slipcovers and are they the right color?  ..and did you choose too quickly or should you wait?  And you know it means you'll have to paint the room and get new drapes and pillows...  and then redo the rooms that touch it.  Then you keep the window open for eternity, then they send you reminders that your cart is full, then they'll save it for 30 days, then they send you another reminder for another 30 days?  And you are kinda waiting for them to go on sale, but they never do?  So do you just buy them already?  Do you ever?  Nah, me neither.

Go love on some Pottery Barn for me.  Since I haven't seen them in sooo long. ; )


Our Diabetic Warrior said...

I keep telling my daughter that we need to do something about her "hay head" AKA pool hair!LOL

Meri said...

The last pics I got of the boys were awful. And cost and arm and a leg. I've been scared silly ever since. Do I dare put my faith in another photographer??

Unknown said...

I love the "outside TV"!! Your kids must think you are a total ROCK STAR MAMA with that one Holly.

Good luck with the pix in NJ AND...I hate shopping. I don't even do it online...HATE IT!!!

Amy@Diapeepees said...

It must be the season. We just got pics for our church directory, too. Photographers must go crazy for biz like that. Our church has 10,000. But, with five babies, we didn't get the best pics either -- and I didn't even buy any! (Despite all the outfit preparations we did beforehand.)

Jen Snow said...

I remember being able to get matching clothes for my boys. Enjoy it! It doesn't last! :( They will still let me get the same shirt but different colors now, but not they won't wear the same shirt. Of course, I have a teenager now too! We need to get the girls together soon! :)

Jules said...

awww sewing and swimming and planting...sounds like HEAVEN!!

Holly said...

Nikki-I hate pool hair-it's so stiff!! : P It takes two washings to get it out, but then one dip in the pool...and it's BACK!

Yes, Meri. Put faith in another photographer-your kids will only get bigger! Pix are priceless! (and they are SO cute when they are little) : )

Reyna. How can you HATE Shopping? Umm..I find happiness in stores. ; ) I know it's wrong, but i LOVE It! Maybe I can shop for you??

AMy-Yep, we have tons too. Largest parish in Arkansas! Whew! (I didn't buy any either-it was crazy!)