Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fabric Flowers

Hey ya'll! : )  I had some time to work on fabric flowers!  Wanna make some?

First, click and download the template (and it has instructions on it too!).  Cut out the flower shape.

Second, iron wonder-under (two-sided interfacing/webbing) between two coordinating fabrics.  Make a large rectangle, so you don't get any of the webbing (sticky on a hot iron) on your iron!  (It's a beast to clean..I speak from experience.) (I now have a craft iron, and a clothes iron.)
This is the paper + fusible web ironed onto one fabric. Then you pull off the paper (exposing the other side), and iron on the second fabric.

 See how it makes a reversible fabric?

Third, trace the flower shape onto it multiple times (at least four) lightly with a pencil.

Fourth, cut out your flowers.
Big paisley on one side, small print on the other.
Fifth, you fold your flower in half through the middle of a petal, and sew a line to divide the flower into three petals and five petals:
Be sure and backstitch at the beginning and end to keep it from coming unsewn! : )
Sixth, now watch the video, it's hard to explain! : )  If it doesn't load, I loaded it to Youtube too, so try here.  Please disregard the bad voice-I'm videoing in the mirror (had to find somewhere to balance my camera so I could focus on my hands!), AND I only did it once, so it's not perfect.  Sorry in advance.

(You put your scissors into the small set of three petals, and turn the five-petal-side over the three-petal-side.)

You are done! : )  You can make a few of these, sew the little things together, and make something!
All sewn together to a felt and fabric oval ; )

Here is the back : )
I'll probably just pin it to her dress or hot glue (and sew) it to a french clip barrette-I'll let her decide. (and she's thankfully finally asleep-it's after eleven!) (swimming minus a pump every day totally blows her blood sugar...but we've figured out if it's been at least an hour since she took off her pump, we go ahead and give her .7 of a unit to fill her cannula (plastic tubing under her skin) before we give her a bolus.)

And guess what I learned.

How does salt water affect plants? (in case I water my flowers with pool water...):
On normal plants, salt water would result in reverse-osmosis in the soil, drawing the nutrients from the plant (instead of allowing them to be drawn into the plant). This would result in water not being able to be absorbed, the plant wilting, yellowing and eventually dying.

Sooo..using a water soaker to pull up pool water and shoot it into flowers is not so effective.  Just FYI.  ; )


Amy@Diapeepees said...

Very pretty flowers.
And, thanks for the science lessons -- I love those!

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

So Stinkin Cute!! Totally gorgeous!
Oh, and bummer about the plants... seems like a perfect way to water them to me!! ;)