Saturday, June 4, 2011

Can I Get You a Towel?

YAY!! I've been waiting for Saturday to come all week! : )

Let me first blah, blah, blah about my make you W-A-I-T for the winner!  hahaha-I know, it's not funny.

But seriously, you care...right?  We took Clay to the eye doctor (our sweet friend, Dina-she Rocks!!), and got a complete exam-his First.  Long story short, he needs glasses!  He got a cool pair (momma steered him towards plastic instead of those breakity wire ones with little metal nosepieces!).  They are super cute, and he should have them by Tuesday.

Then we saw Kung Fu Bear (According to Ethan) (I couldn't correct him yesterday, it was too cute).  I have to tell you, it was a sweet story.  A story of adoption, finding out who you are, finding inner peace, and woven in was the baby Moses story!

Can I tell you about the Moses bit without spoiling the movie?  I'll try!  Have you seen the first movie?  Po Panda was raised by a goose whose specialty is making noodles.  Po wants to see who will be chosen to be the Dragon Warrior, and come to find's Him!

So, second movie...This Chinese prince peacock, Shem, was foretold that he would try to rise up, but would be destroyed by a black and white force.  He went out and killed and burned the panda (get it, black/white?) village.  Po's parents tried to flee, and his mother left him in a radish basket in an alley to save his life.  His adoptive father, the goose, found him behind his restaurant in the alley and raised him.  The mother had left him to save his life-just like baby Moses!  And just like Moses, he still rose up and fulfilled his destiny.  I'll leave it at that, but it was a great story.  : )

Ok, we can move on to YOU!! : )
Oops-that one won't work!  Flash=Fingerprinty glass.  (Think I point to things on the screen much?)
Ahhh..Much Better!
Now if you have can read who the winner (number one) is!  If's Heidi!!  Congratulations, Heidi from D-Tales! : )

Let me know what towel color, what fabric (specific or color/style, I have tons of fabric!) for the letter, and what name you want on it! : )  I'm ready to get started!

And since I can't limit the fun, we'll start again, and I'll give another one away on Tuesday, June 7th since it's the last day of school, and Clay's Glasses Day!  (and we need to celebrate little victories, like Hallie!)

To register for the next contest, make sure you are following this blog so I can contact you, and leave your first name in a comment between now and Tuesday at 9pm!
Thanks for playing!! : )


Heidi / D-Tales said...

I won!!!!! I'm SO excited and appreciative!!! Thank you!!! A pink towel for Madeline would be wonderful. I'll hang it in her bathroom, which is a pale pink color (so any color pink will work). Honestly, Holly, both the Madison and Stella towels that you made were wonderful, and color wise they'd both be perfect. I'm just so excited to have won and would love any creation you send. Not picky here! Many thanks!

I'll send you a message with my address.

My kids are eager to see Kung Fu Panda 2. They loved the first one.

Thanks, again!!!!

Unknown said...

YAY for Heidi!!! One special lady for sure. Congrats Heidi!!!

Jen Snow said...

Yes, we need to celebrate all the little victories in life! :) And sign me up for the next one! Jen

Amy@Diapeepees said...

You can sign me up for the next, too!

Jules said...

aww congrats heidi, not a nicer lady to have won!

Holly said...

You ladies are soo sweet-and you are ALL entered! : )
I can't wait to give another one away-I had fun working on Heidi's!

What shall it be next?? ; ) Holly