Friday, June 3, 2011

Snake in a Box

If you love snakes, this post is not for you.  Please don't tell me I'm mean or I did the wrong thing.  When I know better, I'll do better.  I'll learn to make a snake-trap, but yesterday, I didn't have one. : )

I (yes, 'fraidy-cat ME!) killed a snake.  I will not tell you I did it bravely-I was *FREAKING* out the entire time.

Here's what Mary Claire spied out the window:
Mmm..these bricks are w-a-r-m.
His little weasel head watching me, before he got Mad and began sticking his tongue out at me!
Can you tell I ran and got my camera?  I just had to document this, as I couldn't believe it was happening.  I am petrified of snakes-they are my bad dreams.  I've even postponed writing this post, since the pictures gross me out!

So, I panic in the most girly way.  I call my husband who is taking Clay to his baseball game, and we are supposed to meet him there in under 30 minutes since he had Ethan (the bleacher-climber) with him.

This nasty snake is fast-moving.  He climbs around the corner of the brick, loops around an iron chair on the deck, all along my flowers and window, then back onto brick.  Who knows where he was headed?  I ran and got a flat-tipped shovel (the quintessential snake killer, IMHO) (good for banging, stabbing, flinging, etc.).  This is where the pictures dwindle, as I was on High Alert, Panicking, trying to figure out When to get him, How, and muster the Courage.  I swear this is the most crazed I've been (and I had a baby ripped out of me-fourth degree rip-no epidural..Crazy and Me?  We're friends.).

So this is where the rubber meets the road.  He's getting near my back door, where Mary Claire is on the phone with her daddy (I'm on the phone with my mom telling me I can DO this!).  When he dropped down where I could get his neck against the brick, I stabbed behind his head against the wall.  Odd angles and his skeleton kept him alive.  He dropped to the deck, slithering and hissing.  I slammed the shovel straight down on the same spot on his neck (isn't it all neck?), and had to hold the shovel on his neck for the longest time (I bet 5-6 minutes, but it felt like eternity!).  I could hardly feel my hands and feet by that time-they were tingly and numb.  All the blood had gone to my scared pumping heart I guess?

He kept slithering his back half around, and I waited till he'd quit moving, then I had Mary Claire get some bricks, and we set two on top of him right behind the cut mark:

And then, I went inside to get a drink. I couldn't even think straight.  If I'd been thinking straighter, I would have had a Good Drink (including alcohol), but I just had Coke.  After all my tea, Coke sounded stiff.  (ha!)

I sat and chilled out for a few minutes, then peeked out the window-he was gone!  I ran out, and saw him on the other side of the bricks. With his head barely attached, the dude pulled his body out from under those bricks!  He didn't get far, and was already crawling with ants (I know...gross!).  He was still alive (as in not dead, but not getting away), and can I say it was awful, just one more time?
I guess he tried to hide his body along the brick?

Finally Dead.
So, after I calmed down, I went to the ballpark, and by then Ethan was crying-he'd cut his knee, and a dog licked it, and he was freaking out.  Lucky me got to go back home to the snake. : P

Last night, a friend and her son came by to see Snake.  Luke couldn't wait, and had to see it.  They were super brave, and used some sticks to pry his mouth open (and got them caught on the fangs), and identified him as a water moccasin (also known as a cotton-mouth) (..also known as poisonous!).  He had a white mouth, white underbelly, and fangs.  He was not a baby since they have coloring similar to copperheads.  Mature snake + My house = Not Good.  They live near water and eat fish (I don't have any!), and I sure as heck don't want him feeding on the things in the water, i.e. the kids!!

I was super generous, and packed up the snake in a Glad disposable box for them to take home (okay, actually his mom put it in there-I was still grossing out!). : )  Luke wanted to show his friend, and maybe use him for beebee practice.  I love kids, and just want to do my duty helping them out with their gun practice.

We are currently snake-less (as far as I know), and I want to keep it that way.  Someone on FB told me she made snake traps, so that is my next project.  I'll show you when I get a lesson! : )


Heidi / D-Tales said...

I felt as though I were right there with you, reading this post. You had me on the edge of my seat, even though I knew how it turned out, because I saw your post on FB. How you mustered the courage to kill him is beyond me! I'm in awe!!! I would have kept the kids inside the house, called Gregg and begged him to come home to help!

Or I would have called the local herpetological society which will remove snakes, if they can find an available volunteer. We had to do that a couple of times in our last house, when rattlesnakes paid us a visit.

I'm curious about the snake trap. We have large walls around our property (it's an Arizona thing) and we put chicken wire in front of drainage holes, so no snakes can slither into our backyard, but I'm eager to learn more about this snake trap.

Bravo to you for getting that creature who belongs nowhere near your home!

Jen Snow said...

ewww.....I would have had to change my pants after all that!! LOL I am a scardy pants when it comes to snakes so I don't know what I would have done. There was a black snake when we went around Fay. lake one time...I was almost brave enough to pick it up...almost!! :)

Jules said...

OMG i just had to comment - this post made my SKIN CRAWL!! the type we get around here are actually protected and arent allowed to kill them. tough little suckers. you are very brave. i just found your blog look forward to reading along.

The Mom said...

Ummm.. I hate to miss out on the current lingo, but what is IMHO?

You did well my daughter, protecting hearth and home.


Hallie Addington said...

Oh My Gosh. Ewwwwww! And ack!!! I hate snakes! I would have totally freaked out! But J hates them more than me so that's not good.... Bravo to you for killing that nasty dangerous sucker. Ugh! I'm gonna have nightmares!!!

Stephanie said...

Ooooh, Holly, you are brave!! We're in AZ (like Heidi) and snakes are part of life here. The last time we had one in our backyard (didn't know if it was a rattler or not) my husband got a shovel...knocked it over the head a few times and it wouldn't die! He had to crush it and then flung it over the fence. Eewww. You are braver than me!

Unknown said...

I am drinking wine...reading the snake post blow-by-blow to my sister who is blogging next to me in my dining room. DUDE, that is some effing snake!!! Glad you took care of him. AND...I am impressed that you held-off on the "good-stuff" in your drink.

Holly The Snake Slayer!!!

Holly said...

You guys are too kind. Sometimes I think I suck at writing (but I have thoughts to share!), but thank you. I had to share my FEAR-you could do it too if it was threatening your HOUSE!!
Thrilled to have you, Jules! : )
Love you, Mom-it's In My Humble Opinion or In My Honest Opinion!! : )
Sorry, Hallie-I think maybe I worked THRU my nightmare!! : )
Stephanie-I would've flung it after I was sure it was DEAD, but my friend's son totally wanted to see it! : ) hahahaha-boys.
Wine is needed, Reyna! : ) I went to your sister's site, and I just registered! : ) woohoo!!

Leigh said...

I was even a little prepared from the fb pictures, but that just gives me the eeby-jeebies! EEEEWWWW! That could have totally been in your pool!! How scary!!

It was good to see you the other day!! :) Glad I didn't see the snake! And I am thinking that you just need to keep killing them and not mess with the trap, unless you open the trap in a fire pit or something like that! :) and :(!!

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

Holy Cow!! The snake got out from under two bricks?!?!?! FREAKY!
I don't mind snakes, in a pet store, in their tanks....but not slithering around the yard! Thankfully AK is too cold for them, but growing up in GA we had our fair share from time to time!
I remember my papaw (grandfather for those non-southerner out there) went and go a shot gun to kill one in their garden! A bit 'overkill' but that thing was dead and already mostly buried!!

Jenifer said...

Kelsey & I were reading this together--kinda like a bedtime story---we were scared & laughing at the same time....
This story was amazing. You were so brave!! The photos totally enhanced everything.