Friday, June 10, 2011

Swimming in Fabric Indecision

Ok, today..less productive?  I took the kids on some errands-hoping to find some fabric to match Mary Claire's bedroom toile (ivory with pink little kids playing on it).  She is looking for more grown-up/tween (think peace signs and darker colors and black!), and I'm looking for sweet little-older girl (with more than just light pink/white) like we have. : )  Aye-there's the rub. ; )

It is super hard to say the least, so we bought nothing.  I got a couple samples, but no agreement.  We may just have to go with a solid hot pink/raspberry to blend in or blue or green or some texture-I don't really want to redo her entire room (drapes, rug, etc.), just add some color in pillows, chair cushion, lamp shade, etc. (Oh!  ..but we did buy some scrapbook paper to cut into strips and make new links to hang in her room-they are super easy, and she likes them-they are kinda party-looking!)

And I attempted to buy chair cushion fabric for my kitchen again, but I had Ches come into the store this time, and he only liked the yellow/gray.  I really wanted to paint that room pale turquoise, so I bought nothing...again. (I was planning this one for the living room)
(since I was back again...I took a picture of the yellow/gray this time!)
I did, however, finish Reyna's towel!
I'm mailing it tomorrow, girl!  Woohoo! : )

The kids though?  Totally social-super fun play dates (Mary Claire got to play and have dinner out with a friend!) and some swimming! : )

the boys evacuated-and they got the pool to themselves! : )

ps-and we got groceries-a full cart! (so super-cool not!, I had to blog about it) hahaha-it really has been a while-we go almost every day, and don't plan too far ahead.  I have to get back on top of things!

pps-and we made a fun gift box for a sweet little friend remastering potty training (post-baby sister)!  She's adorable and is trying, but needed some incentives-and we don't get to buy little girly things anymore! : )
Fairy Panties! : )
Don't forget to register for the monogrammed kitchen towel! : )  Leave a comment with your name (drawing on Wednesday, the 14th)! ; )


Unknown said...

YAY for the towel! Bridget is going to love it Holly. Thank You.

And...they grow up so fast. I get the "rub". xo

Jen Snow said...

Summer is finally here! This week has gone by fast! :) Sign me up for the next drawing please!

The Ware's said...

Love the pictures of the girls swimming - they had such a fun afternoon yesterday!! :o)

Heidi / D-Tales said...

Madeline's room is pink, and at 9-1/2, she wants to change it. I feel your pain! ;)

The yellow/gray is pretty.

Your pool looks lovely. Very resort-like!

I bet Bridget will like her towel as much as Madeline likes hers! :)

You are so kind to put together that cute gift basket.