Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ticked Him Off

Ok, so Ches isn't better.  He was admitted to the hospital today.  We thought he was on the upswing, but by Friday evening he went downhill.  The headache got worse, the aches were coming back, and the fever still hadn't broken (since Sunday) even with antibiotics since Wednesday.  So..we called the doctor this morning, and he said he couldn't evaluate him without seeing him first.  He said to come on in to the emergency room, and he's check things out.  They took 10 tubes of blood (which I didn't know was possible!), and have done xrays, lots of exams (we're at four now), and finally decided to keep him.  The doctor that diagnosed him said she wanted him to stay for a few days until this was under control (!), but his doctor said maybe till Monday-they'll take it day by day.
They can do the titer to determine exactly which tick-borne disease it is, but it costs $2000, and take five days to get back.  We thought they already did it, but now they tell us it was a different test.  So.  They just give the antibiotics, since it's faster, cheaper, and the same antibiotic is used to treat all three Rickettsial diseases (Ehrlichiosis, Tularemia, or Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever).  They think it's RMSF since his eyes were red/bloodshot and he had a rash in addition to the muscle aches, joint pain, headache, etc.  I guess the oral antibiotic just wasn't enough for his case.  Like other things in our life, sometimes you just don't get to know exactly what causes your problem.
..Well, if you remember, my specialist appointment is on Monday!  I am a little stressed.  I want Ches to be able to go, and we may even have to have genetic testing done.  I will call Monday to see if I can reschedule for later in the week.  I know they'll have to do some testing (maybe FSH on day 3, Progesterone on day 21 and 28), and we'll have to wait till my next cycle.  I just hate to wait too long!
I went to Joplin yesterday to play with Angie.  We analyzed the inside and outside, planned out landscaping, looked at furniture, played with all Andalynn's Fancy Nancy party stuff (she has bought all the CUTEST stuff!!-I'll have to post a picture of the invitations!), and I made her a Fancy Nancy hat.  I don't know why I didn't get a picture-I'll get one when I go back for her party next Saturday!  I put on this cute feathery bird Angie found at Michael's (wish we had one), BiG flowers, a butterfly, a bow, a feather, lots of gaudy stuff!  It was perfect!
Today while we were at the ER, Mary Claire learned to ride a bike with no training wheels!  It was a big day for her.  And I wasn't there to see it. : (  At least Mom was.  She started her on Clay's bike, then moved to her own bike (that's she's had for two years..).  She rode, and did it!  She rode around the street, driveway, and yard for about three and a half hours!  I was so proud of her I wanted to cry. : )  She's so sweet, and we've never pushed her.  Every year, we try to teach her, but she just hasn't been ready, and so we waited.  She had gotten so big (even by last summer), that I couldn't help her.  I couldn't hold her up!
Mom never even touched the bike, but just thinking Mom was holding onto her, Mary Claire was braver.  Mom is so convincing, that Mary Claire believed her, and pedaled like crazy!  Just precious.  Thank you, Mom, for teaching my baby to ride a bike!!  I'm so happy for her!!


Mary Ella said...

We will keep all of ya'll in our prayers. My dad had Rocky Mountain spotted fever last year. How random is that?!

Holly said...

Thanks, April. We are needing them : )
Can't believe your dad had it! His test for it actually came back negative today. : ( Now they are testing for tularemia, ehrlichiosis, and lyme disease. The search continues...
Hope you guys are doing well! Hugs xoxox