Thursday, May 27, 2010

Play Ball!

I consider today a Free Day-a day I didn’t count on, a freebie (since I was supposed to be taking Mary Claire to the doctor in Little Rock).  Fun!  I was slow to get around, then met Mom at the movie theater to see Sex in the City.  It was good, but some bad acting at the beginning.  It has been a while since they acted together.  Once they got going, it was better.
*Only read if you aren’t going to freak out if you know a little about the movie:  Stanford got married-and it was a beautiful white wedding-with swans!  Carrie learned to appreciate Big, Samantha enjoyed a rendezvous with an older (same age as her!) man, Charlotte admitted how hard it was to be a mother and learned to trust her sweet, sweet Harry, and Miranda took a leap of faith, and trusted herself-they are growing up!  It made me miss them a little more to see them: all the beautiful clothes, funny moments, friendship, and romance.
So, then I ran by Wal-Mart and hurried in the door-we had to make an early dinner again tonight.  I bought more fresh ears of corn-so we had those again.  Then Clay had to be at another game.  Ches took Ethan, and I took Mary Claire.  She got to play with her little buddy, Abby, and Ethan climbed the bleachers, hanging out with another team's players, the Angels.
Then, Clay was up to bat, and got another hit! Yay, Clay!  We were so proud of him.  This is him getting ready to hit..
And here's him hitting the low ball!
I took Mary Claire and Ethan home a little before it was over.  And..Clay even called me after the game to tell me he got to bat two more times-and both times made it home (not a home run!), and the second time batted his teammates in!  He was so excited!  I'm happy for him, since it hasn't been the best season ever.  It's just getting better!  They won 12-6, Yay, Clay!
Here's what we did at home-play outside!
Clay's home now, so all's well.  The other two are in bed, so we are halfway there-and it's already 9pm!  We have to do better.
Ok, I have made progress on the chalkboard!  I started to letter it today, and Ethan wanted to "help" me, so I let him paint a canvas black too.  His wasn't dry till this evening, so he'll have the pleasure of chalking it tomorrow.  Maybe with colored chalk?  I scalloped the edges (tracing a cd), then wrote one of the quotes I love!  Here's my latest project:
I can tell that it's hard to tell it's black with white chalk, but I promise it is!  I took this as it was turning dark, so I had to use the flash.  My plan is to put it all casual-like over my fireplace with some other natural stuff.  I'm going for more neutral-colored, and more casual/summery.  That's not really a theme, but you know.

Just for fun, here are a couple things I learned about food poisoning today:
If you get sick (fever, headache, vomiting, diarrhea) in 6 hours or under, it's usually from Staphylococcus, from pasta salad or food that's been out too long.
If you get sick (vomiting, diarrhea with/without blood) within 6-12 hours, it's usually from E. Coli in meat or even on lettuce/veggies.
If you get sick (nausea, headache, d-word), it's usually from Salmonella (chicken).  There was an ER doctor on Dr. Oz today helping to explain how they diagnose food-borne illnesses-very good!  If you don't take care of yourself, you can get bacteria in your blood-sepsis.  Ok, that's enough.  Maybe this will come in handy for Memorial Day if you plan to eat outside? : )  You're welcome! heehee

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