Sunday, May 9, 2010

Those We Mother

Sorry I'm so slow to update.  You know it's been crazy-hospital, my Little Rock doctor's appointment, and now we are trying to get back into the groove (not that I ever had one!).  Clay's had three baseball games, and his friend's precious parents have taken and picked him up for every one!  I'm so thankful.
I haven't left Ches with the kids.  Well, I did leave them to nap for a little bit yesterday afternoon to run to get some groceries.  He's just tired.  I can say I've learned during all this.  I adore my kids even more.  I missed them while we were at the hospital.  And it tore my heart out to leave Ethan on the driveway screaming for me as I drove away.  I've tried to keep him with me lately.  We ran errands yesterday-and he was good!  Just happy to be with me-precious!
I read Oprah's tenth anniversary issue while he was in the hospital, and it was good.  I don't have a subscription (since I have too many, and no where to store all these magazines!), but I bought this one.  You know my new XM addiction? Well, they are talking about the latest issue all the time, so I broke down and bought it-totally worth the $4.95!
I've learned to let some things go.  That I won't regret 15 minutes of game-playing with my kids.  That I can leave my kitchen un-perfect to spend time outside riding bikes.  That I should be aware of what I'm doing every minute, and enjoy it.  Like appreciating that I'm talking to a friend, enjoying the taste of food I'm eating, listening to my kids like they are the only ones in the world, being mindful as I walk-for the sounds, thankful for my feet, etc.  There's so much more, but I'm thankful for what I have, even when it's hospital.  The nurses were soo sweet-we had a very good experience.
I have also learned it can cost more to have a d&c than a live birth.  No kidding.  I have started getting my bills.  For the hospital, it was $8585. (yes, I called to make sure there wasn't a typo or a misprint-I thought they confused the decimal point!)  They are sending me an itemized bill.  My doctor's office bill was 800-something.  I just had no idea!
Ok, it's taken me almost three days just to write this post! We now have more exciting things going on!  We got a puppy on Friday morning, so that's my last time-occupier.
She's so precious!  I just think she's perfect for us.  Her name is Genevieve-our friend's daughter named her, and it fits her!  She's a ball of happy, with a side of attitude.  When my friend, Carol was telling me about her, I didn't get it.  I do now!  She wants to play all the time, and if you don't let her chew your hand (or your jeans, or shirt..) she'll bark at you!  When we first put her in the crate (pet taxi), she whined, barked, and generally complained. My dog training book came in handy!  We taught her to "shush!", and then "good shush" when she complied.  Last night, we'd worn her out, so we never heard a word out of her at bedtime!  She didn't make a peep till 6:40 this morning-so much better than the 2am-3:30am Friday night and the 5:45 wake-up on Saturday.  She just couldn't wait to start having fun!
Seriously, she's been really good.  She's had a couple accidents inside, but every time we take her out to go to the bathroom, she goes!  We are using the book (and giving her a piece of her food after she goes), so Yay, Us! (oh, and her too! heehee)
Alrighty, if I don't stop now, I'll never get this out.  I'm so slow lately!
If you have children, or want them, or watch them, help raise some, or even have brought up a sweet puppy, or mother another-Happy Mother's Day to you!  May God bless you for the time you spend to help raise up our next generation.  They'll be as good as we allow them to be.


The Mom said...

Holly: What great fun we had~~ The kids and the puppy are so sweet. Great post~ <3<3<3
L & H

Holly said...

We did have fun! Even the crawling around was bearable.. heehee! : ) At least the little glass wall didn't tumble over! Ha. I'm almost surprised! Genevieve is a sweetie. Full of spunk, but her cuteness makes up for a lot of it. Maybe I'll get in the hang of things and be able to post sooner? Yeah, right.