Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Earning Brownie Points

WooHoo-glad today is over-it was sooo long!  And now I get to tell you the abbreviated version..
I had Mother's Day Out-and sometimes it only consists of grocery shopping. Sad, isn't it?  I got two days of snacks and drinks (guilt over not teaching propels me) for our church VBS, and snacks for Clay's baseball team tonight, and Uncrustables to make my life easier for 5 lunch days, more Zyrtec for Mary Claire, and other stuff thrown in for good measure!
So, it gets better (and busier!).  Mary Claire hurt her hand last week doing cartwheels (she's still working on the one-handed cartwheel), and she fell backward on it, kinda pushing her fingers back (where they don't go).  Well, she complained once this weekend, and I forgot about it.  Last night it came back up, so I called the doctor today, and she has an appointment tomorrow.  We could've gone today, but there was too much scheduled that she didn't want to miss!
So, after school I took Mary Claire and Ethan to Mary Claire's Girl Scout Bridging Ceremony (for the third grade brownies to bridge to juniors).  It was at the beautiful Magnolia Gardens in Springdale.  Here are a few pictures for you!  (The magnolia trees are not in big, full bloom yet, so no pictures of them..)
Did you see those amazing little tadpoles?  There are thousands of them!  Just wait till they are big frogs.  There were also koi fish living in there-Ethan LoVeD them!  Can you believe in this horrible rainy day we had a tiny bit of sunshine?  I was soo thankful!  It was perfect timing.  Thank you, God! : )
So here are the girls in her troop on the bridge.  Adorable, huh?
She's in the front middle, in the striped dress.  We forgot her brownie vest (and our chairs..), but we made it there-totally big-time brownie points! heehee
Then, Ethan was just dying to get on that bridge!  I'd done all the holding back I could do (and the handrail was at head level-sooo dangerous!), but I let him up there as I panted in half-hysterics.  Yes, really-especially after our pool experience last week!)
He's such a cutie-and it was a great photo op!  I wonder if I could go back to Magnolia Gardens on a weekend just to take pictures??
And here are the two of them-wish Clay would've been with us.  He had a baseball game, so they didn't join us.
So after they were all a-bridged, we headed back home for a little bit to unload the dishwasher, take Genevieve out to play, and to get ready to go again!  We loaded up, gave thanks for the rain holding out, and went to Gator Golf for a JDRF ambassador event (aka get-together).  We met a few new families, the new JDRF intern, and new kids!  Mary Claire found a new friend, and wanted to call her after we got in the van.  She can be shy, then so friendly when she warms up!
Do you remember when we were in Universal Studios when there were photo ops around every corner-things to sit on, around, and Ethan thinks the gorillas are to sit on!  I snapped a picture, then told him to get off!  Yeah, they're just for decoration.
Then, home, and put those kiddies to bed.  It took us till 9:20-I'm just glad school is winding down-it's been a lot more relaxed lately (for instance, Clay has two field trips this week!  A Naturals game today, and a trip to Devil's Den Friday).
I must go to bed, as tomorrow is doctor's appointment, another baseball game, and the busy continues.  So.. did you earn your brownie points today? : )


The Mom said...

Cutie photos~~ Glad you had fun. L & H

Holly said...

thanks! It was good! Ethan is getting better and better to spend time with : )