Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fancy Party with Nancy!

What a day!  It was my sweet baby girl's birthday-she turned 8!  It was not so long ago that she was in diapers and sucking her thumb.  She is so precious, and I'm so thankful for her-for so many reasons.  She is full of love and hugs-even when I wake her in the morning-she has hugs for me.  Her smile and even her puppy-dog-eyes can melt my heart-even if I think she's playing me!

So-on to our day!  We started early-6:15am-and got ready to go to our friend Angie's daughter, Andalynn's, party (I know I said that wrong, but I don't have time to rethink it).  It took me two hours to get there last time, so I used the GPS sooner, and it only took me an hour and 25 minutes!  You can bet I'll use it again next time.
So, we got there, and everything was just perfect!

Her table was sooo cute-she'd found a Fancy party in a Celebrate magazine-so adorable!  I think her stuff was better, but you can't tell a magazine that, heehee.  Anyway, they all had little buckets with tons of goodies: lip gloss, a big blingy ring, a flower ring, candy, and a sweet thank you for coming to my party bookmark-all just adorable!
They decorated picture frames with pink glitter glue and rhinestones:
Then they sat, and snacks and finger foods were served on cake plates and silver trays: Ooo-la-la!
They were all so lady-like and used the best manners!  There's nothing like a dress-up party to bring out the princess behavior (note to self).
Then Angie read them the original Fancy Nancy story:
She didn't really want her picture out there, but she was just beautiful, and it was a great party-she deserves some kudos! : )  Yay, my sweet friend-you did a wonderful job!  But, I'm not done yet... the cake was amazing-and she made it!  It took a few days of baking, freezing, frosting (and coloring frosting), matching frosting colors with ribbon colors, layering, more freezing, ahh-I'd have ordered out and given up, but it was awesome-and tasted just as good as it looked!  Tres, Tres, Chic!
Mary Claire got to open her gift while Andalynn was opening hers-she was so excited-since it was her real Birthday!  I think she was thankful to have that teensy bit of attention!
When the ladies got ready to leave, they got the most precious little buckets-want an even closer-up picture?  So cute!
And then we hung around to clean up a little, and we took pictures of Mary Claire with her new American Girl doll that she just got for her birthday (well, a little early-she got it in the mail last week!).  They are so cute-and she let Megan wear her :M: rhinestone bracelet for a necklace!  I love that she's a girl doll, and not a baby (for more than one reason).  She wears dresses and panties, not diapers and onesies.  I love it.  She has pierced ears and a cell phone!  Woo Hoo! But, here's a cute one:
We couldn't fine the small hot pink bow, so Megan got the light pink-just the best we could do.  But they are both wearing flowers and bows, so close enough. : )
Ok, so then..we went to Schlotzky's and then Target to spend her birthday money-it was burning a hole in her pocket!  We were there at least an hour, and I had on heels!  I got a little whiney after an hour of the toy department.  We looked in music, movies, books, then dolls, Barbies, Zhu Zhu pets, Pixo's (thought they were recalled!), and she would put stuff in the cart, then change her mind, and trade it out-this happened at least 6 times.  Decisions when you actually have money to spend!  She ended up with a Blender pen kit and a Chixo's Luxe Loft with girls and furniture (on sale!).  It was raining as we came out of Target, and she ripped into her toys in the van, so I have no picture here.  I'll try to get one of the new toys tomorrow.
Then the drive home, some time with Genevieve outside, then to Olive Garden for her birthday dinner!  Ethan was so sleepy he fell asleep at our table with food in his mouth!  Bless his heart-he was so tired.  Then to Gigi and Papa's for our cake-I haven't uploaded those pix yet-and more birthday!  She got more birthday money, so she begged to go back to Target tonight (yes, it was almost 8pm by then!).  I was so pooped, I said no.  She played the :birthday: card (it's her special day, she gets to do what she wants, etc.), but I said no.  So, we have one more long toy department visit ahead!  note to self: wear comfy shoes, bring a book.  : )
We got in late, more playing with Genevieve, and off to bed.  Clay's at a sleepover birthday party tonight at a friend's house.  He's only been to one before-and this is the same friend.  They are good together, so I think he's having a blast!  I just hope he makes it through church in the morning.  I bet he falls asleep-we'll see.  What a day of birthdays!
Happy Birthday, my sweet little princess-you'll always be my little girl.  Happy Birthday, Andalynn-your momma loves you so much-and does so much for you!  Happy Birthday, Sutton-I hope you boys are having fun, fun, fun, and that you get a teensy bit of sleep!
Thank you, God, for kids to celebrate!


The Mom said...

Great post once again Holly~~ Happy Birthday the day after to Sweet Little Miss Mary Claire~~
I can't believe she's eight, they grow up so fast. She is so precious, along with her two brothers and sweet puppy and her Mommy and Daddy~~ L & H

Holly said...

Thank you, she had a great day!!
I can't believe she's eight either!!! My word, she was just a baby. It goes faster than you realize. Weeks turn into years..
and she's already asking to go back to Target today after lunch.and I SOOO want a nap!! Yesterday was exhausting! : O

The Mom said...

Be sure and let me know if you want me next Friday afternoon to evening, or all day if you want? I forgot to ask if Ches is working all day on Friday, you could spend the day in Tulsa or somewhere interesting. L & H

Holly said...

You are sweet-thank you! I'll ask him. I don't think he's working-he's supposed to be on break, but he's kinda making up for the last three weeks. I need to return that baby monitor to Babies R Us, and the closest one is Tulsa. Oh! and Pottery Barn! That could be a good day! I"ll let you know! : ) Thanks!