Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Note to Self: Get Dishwasher Fixed!

The Jones family is safely home, Yay! : )  It seemed like a longish drive (more than the actual 6 hours since we kept stopping to eat).  There was laundry, well, still is.  And the getting back in the routine!  I made dinner, the kids had baths, we laid out clothes, and packed lunches.  I was so glad they had school-we all needed some change and routine!  They got to see their friends, and Ethan was even excited-he wasn't clingy when I dropped him off-and that always makes me have a great day!

I went back for lab work, again.  It was good.  My hcg was at 183, which seems good.  I will get a progesterone update tomorrow, and more lab work on Thursday.  I guess I'm braver than I ever thought I'd be.  I have gotten so many holes poked in me-I used to hate it, but I don't even fear it for hours in advance like I used to: Progress, I guess.  I'm really tired, but not complaining, for I heed my own advice! : )  heehee  I'm just going to bed early.

Clay is getting in with his doctor tomorrow to get his medicine prescribed.  They called today with a cancellation, so we'll fit it in somehow.  I'm kind of excited.  I'd love for him to maintain focus and increase his self-esteem. He's pretty proud of himself, but he can get really down on himself easily.  We'll see how the next week goes.  Apparently it can require adjusting, so we may go/call frequently till we get it nailed down.  I would love to see him utilize all that crazy knowledge he has!

Well, my dishwasher is really broken.  It wasn't working before we left, but we weren't sure if we'd just overloaded it, or if the dishes were really dirty (even though I prewash/rinse them).  There were little brown things on the tops of some of them.  So, I ran it again, opening it halfway through the cycle.  I poured fresh water on them, closed it, and opened it later, to see more yucky things.  It was like the water (wash cycle, maybe?) wasn't running, but the heating/drying cycles were.  Weird.  So, when we got home we had the dishwasher dishes plus the ones waiting in the sink (cause that's how we operate).  So, they allll had to be washed. : (  Tonight I washed all of today's plus dinner dishes.  It took a long time!  I take that workhorse for granted sometimes!  I will appreciate it more when it's working.  I can't decide if I need a service person to repair it, a plumber to check it, or a new one...I'd really like the double dishwashers, but I think you have to have the cabinets changed.  Not happening.  I can dream, but not really practical.  Anyway, I am willing to wash, but I paid a putter-awayer today.  Only fifty cents, but I'd better get it fixed!

Next Tuesday night we have too much to do.  Clay has a boy scout meeting, Mary Claire has gymnastics (which I'm not happy with-she can do her bridge and cartwheel, and has yet to be moved up!), she has a school musical, and her first confession (Reconciliation Service).  I am not sure how it's all going to play out, but we'll make an effort.  She opted not to have a speaking part (she LOVES to sing, but not in front of people, go figure), so I'm ranking it pretty low.  Reconciliation is first, since she has to go to make her first communion.  She could probably arrange to go another time, but I'd like her to be with her class.  The priest will be prepared to hear young kids, and hopefully patient.  It takes some of them a really  long time to name all the sins they can remember from their whole life!  Boy scouts may get bumped-it's three times a month now, and it's a lot.  He never misses, so we'll see how it plays out.  If (Big IF) Ethan gets a nap, I could take him with me to take Mary Claire...  ahhh, just planning it is a lot!

My friend, Sandra, had her baby!  It is a girl, Rose Eileen, and she is beautiful and just perfect!  I went up there today, because I just couldn't wait.  I always say it, but they are sooo tiny, and for such a short time.  Her sisters came up there when I was getting ready to leave, and they were so sweet.  They loved holding her hands (which seem sooo tiny too!), and I think they were happy it was a girl.  I know they would've been happy with either, but it was precious to see the three of them.  I think when you have all the same sex kids, they are close.  They usually have similar interests, and understand each other.  And Emily has had a baby sister before, so she knows what to expect. : )

Clay was soo small (17 months) when Mary Claire was born, that I don't think he remembers much.  They both remember Ethan, but they were older.  They both adore him, even now, so it was fun for them.  I think babies are a gift you give your family. Fun, sweet memories, even despite all the not-so-fun times.  It's just work, and you create the happiness.  They remember even the smallest things!  I think if you asked the kids what their favorite thing was from our trip to Dallas, they'd probably say the swimming every night! (well, and the all-you-can-eat-breakfast!)


The Mom said...

Great post as always~~

Also, be sure I have a dishwasher when you are out of town in March. It is up there with "must have" appliance:) Thanks~~ lol

Congratulations to Sandra on her new little girl, Rose!

Have a great day~~~

Busymom said...

Thanks! I'm working on the dishwasher!! It's been so busy, I haven't even found time to call someone. I remember every time I have to wash them though!! Ugh, gotta get some memory! : )