Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dishwasher Man Needs Confession

I finally got my dishwasher yesterday.  Finally.  I know-I had to wait a whole 24 hours for it to be delivered, but it's been two weeks of hand washing!  It was a long day, I had to call to see if the man was coming. Twice.  Then he stayed till 6-right through our dinner hour (and the kids were dying to have pancakes!), and Mary Claire had her first reconciliation (confession) and had to be there at 6:30-talk about stress!

About 5:45 when I could see that it was still going to be a while, I called Tim's and ordered a pizza.  There was a mess, and a man, in my kitchen that was impossible to cook around.  Anyway, Ches left with Mary Claire hoping to get her fed first.  Then the man finished up, and asked to check my water pressure. (?)  He checked the one on the outside, and came back to tell me it is 85-90 psi.  (And..?)  And! He told me he wouldn't guarantee his work (installation) if I had water pressure that high.  He said I needed a PRV (pressure reduction valve) on my water.  It'd be $200 to add it to the line by my hot water heater, or twice that to add it to the meter, and he'd probably have to dig it up.  (What?)  Then he told me that Fridgidaire wouldn't warranty the dishwasher with water pressure that high.  Ok, I'll correct him in a moment.  But, I had a kid in the car, and we had to get to Tim's, to get Mary Claire to her first confession, in which I'd be joining her for my not nice thoughts.

Anyway, I didn't think too much about it; I had bigger fish to fry.  We scarfed (I think it should be scarved, but spell check says no, heehee) down some pizza, had 19 bathroom breaks, and I took her to the church.  It went well, only an hour (no! most of it was waiting in line!), and we were home.

Ches had time to look in the Whirlpool manual (told you he was a goofball, or did I..?), and it says for it to work properly, you need 20-120 psi.  Ha.  Longer story shortened, the next day, a Lowe's person called to check on my installation, and I told her the story, and she said he doesn't have the authority (and she said it kinda Mom-like, as in, "How dare he!") to not warranty his work.  If he doesn't sign the warranty, he doesn't get paid.  So, we are warranteed, and all is well.  Too bad we ate out, and didn't have many dishes. : (

I've already taken two days to write this post, so I have to hurry.  Yesterday-blur (including moody, carb-inhaling, whiny, getting everything ready for today..), and today: Little Rock.  We are heading to Arkansas Children's Hospital for Mary Claire's endocrinology appointment.  I didn't realize it was so soon (thought it was April!), until we got the reminder in the mail.  I even called yesterday to see if we could transfer her back to our local endocrinologist (that's a hard word to type-try it!), but they wanted a referral, clinic  notes, etc. and I can't exactly get that if I don't go.  Oh, and their first available appointment is in May.  ACH is about the same.  They tell you that you have to get your A1c checked every 3 months, but they can only get you in every 6.  Doctors.  If you need a new money-making profession, consider endocrinology.  If you have an extra 9 years laying around.

Ok, seriously have to get ready!  Have a good day, and enjoy not being in a car for at least 7 hours! : )

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