Sunday, January 31, 2010

Crisis Aversion

I always feel like saying, "What a day! Whew!"

I started early this am (5!) with Ethan and his breathing.  He was having soo much trouble-coughing like crazy and shallow breaths.  I knew he needed his inhaler, as he doesn't have a cold (or at least he DiDn'T), so I took him in the bathroom and ran the shower on hot.  It steamed up, then steamed up our room, then the kids' room, then when we could see a fog everywhere we finally turned it off!  By 5:30 he was not coughing, but his heart was racing, and his breaths were so shallow and fast, I knew he couldn't make it long.  I called into the after-hours number for our pediatrician's office (to Children's in LR), and long story short(er), we got a new inhaler called into a Walgreen's 24-hour pharmacy here in town.  By 8:30am, we picked it up (told you it was a long story!), and he was breathing again.
Crisis #1 averted.

(and I met a sweet mom in the drive thru at Walgreen's looking for a hundred dollar bill for her son's birthday, and Walgreens said they'd have to call a manager, etc. but I had one!  I NeVeR have one, but Angie (big roller!) paid me for half our room in Branson and had given me a hundred.  I don't spend them since they mark on them and act like you're trying to pass off a fake!) anyway, we traded money and she was so excited.  Really.  So her crisis was averted.)

Mary Claire was 333 when she woke up, and she was sooo mad she couldn't eat breakfast.  I gave her three options: one-have only cereal and eat it 10 minutes after your bolus, two-change your site now and eat what you want, or three-don't eat till you come down. Ha.  She's getting better at this game!  She wanted me to change it.  It is good when she makes the decisions, so I don't have to be the Meanie.  She got to eat what she wanted, and came right down, but boy, did she eat!  French toast sticks (no syrup), sausage, cereal with milk, apple juice, lemon-poppy seed muffin, and a quarter of a waffle (tiny bit of powered sugar).  Makes me full just thinking about it.  (and Clay had two tangerines, a pile of black olives, and a waffle with syrup)
Crisis #2 averted.

So we came back, and got ready to get dressed.  Guess who had missing pants today?  I guess we really did leave town fast.  I forgot the leggings to go with Mary Claire's dress!  She went ahead and wore the denim jumper/long sleeve shirt, but ummm..where's my brain?  We went upstairs and did our laundry (since we decided to stay another day), and I washed all the clothes and she wore some clean leggings (that did NOT match-from day before yesterday).  We went to the Grapevine Mills (outlets mostly) and my plan was to buy her some more appropriate leggings (matching color, maybe?) to change into.  Well, let me tell you: the whole place consists of store-food place-store-food place-store-food place, and on and on for 1.6 million square feet.  She whined about wanting to eat, wanting to drink, wanting popcorn, wanting cookies, wanting cotton candy, wanting candy, wanting a smoothie, wanting, wanting, wanting!  Do not take a child with diabetes to Grapevine Mills.  At least in Branson there are only three food locations.  There must have been 80 at GM.
Oh, and the strollers.  We went to get one of those kidcarts/smartcarte, that I hate, but entertain your child?  You know the ones? He wanted the fire truck (a two-seater-a shame I didn't get a picture).  So, we had to travel from entrance one to entrance five to get one.  Fun!  He was really happy with it until he saw the indoor train driving around-then IT looked more fun.  He lost it.  About the same time Mary Claire was losing it over the candy/smoothie/keychains! (yes, I told her she had no keys, but she said they were to hang on your backpack.  Oh.)
I guess legging crisis (#3) was averted too.  We got the heck outta dodge (no leggings, but just cookies).

So, we get in the van after accomplishing nothing, but a really long stroller ride (and exercise?) (did I forget to tell you she didn't want new leggings? she liked the ones she had just fine.), and Ethan fell asleep in the car.  We took him to the hotel, Ches and the kids went to the movie, and Ethan and I took naps.

Then we went out to eat, went and got Clay an SD card, and came back for swimming.  We met a nice family at the pool who are moving here from Pennsylvania.  Their kids were similar ages to ours, so they played while we talked.  The mom was wondering why we were at a hotel on a school night! : )  She got the long version.  heehee

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