Friday, February 19, 2010

Commercial Baby = Cleaning Accomplished. Good or Bad?

Every day I think it can't get any busier.  I just like to prove myself wrong so I don't get a big head.  Today the kids were home from school, so we had fun. We got around kinda late, had a big breakfast (eggs, toast, juice, AND cereal-big for us!), then headed out to run some errands.
We went by the church to get new envelopes for the kids-we've been out for a while now.. Then we stopped in and had lunch at Tim's Pizza with Ches, then on to haircuts!  Ethan had promised to be a big boy (and not cry, scream, and generally get hair bits stuck in his tears and snot), but backed down when we got there. : (  I did the Mommy Thing (that makes the other kids jealous) and bribed him with a toy from Target (you know, his FaVoRiTe!), and it worked!!  He was really good, only freaked a couple times, but good.  Then we went to Collier's to pick up more supplies for Mary Claire, then to get some shoes for Clay and Mary Claire (and Ethan picked out those ugly shoes with car pictures on them, and I just Couldn't), then to Target to get the aforementioned Toy.  I had said I'd get the Chuck the Truck, that he wanted from tv, but that fancy toy was $34.99!  I didn't know what I'd said!  It was almost as much as the boys' haircuts.  He held it, but moved onto other things (thank you, God!).  He ended up with a portable-ish fire station, and is very happy with it-even hours later!  Then we moved onto Wal-Mart for groceries and then home for me to crash.
I could take no more.  That was a busy day for my tired bones.  I was even craving a coke from a bottle (ick-no ice or straw!), so I was getting desperate.
I called Ches and he was on his way home, so he said he'd put the groceries away (again, thank you, God!).  The kids played around outside, packed up their stuff, for they were going to GIGI's!  THey were excited, and so excited, they took off with Clay still in his new shoes!  They had to come back, since we knew he'd play outside (and ruin the new shoes, for he's a BoY!).  Then we forgot to take a bunch of Splenda to Mom's for their tea party, so we were running 0-2.
I napped for a little while Ches ran the kids to Mom's house, then we got back in the van to pick up our girl scout cookies.  They're Here!  and they are SO GooD.  I had to open some Samoas (remember, the caramel delites?).  Oh, and you can't eat just one.  Happiness in My Mouth.  Did you remember to order yours!?  Delivery starts tomorrow!  If you need a few more, we have some extras, so order fast.  They only come once a year.  Sound like a girl scout? heehee
My little sweetie is sound asleep in bed-he had a long day too: lots of running, haircut, cookie, puzzles and books.  What a great day!  So, thanks Springdale Schools for this day-cation! : )

Random Information: Ethan's new phrase is: Don't Get Mad, Get Glad!  I have a short video from Ches' phone I'll try to post.  It's so funny!! Especially if you say the word Mad, it comes right out of his mouth.  Gee..think my baby watches too much tv when I'm getting all that cleaning done?


Gigi said...

Sweet dreams Mommy~

The kiddies had pizza, cheese sticks, and diet coke for dinner, rode their razor scooters up and down the street (way too fast:), MC worked online with games and watch Little Pony, Clay and I did HANGMAN with his horrendous drawings of me, X's for eyes, and we three did Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck puzzles. Clay also read the Fish story from the 1961 Grimm's Fairy Tales, you know the REAL fairy tales.

Oh and Clay wrote his 'On top of old Smokey' song which was over the top hilarious. Just ask him, and he will sing. It is late therefore I think I will ask them if they will go to bed:)


Holly said...

You must have stayed up later than me!! You got a lot done last night! : ) I'm glad they had fun. THere's still a pit bull story yet to unfold, too bad I couldn't forewarn you. If only my posts could defy time. : ( Sorry. Tragedy is over, and all is well here. Not quiet, but well. heehee!

Holly said...

Thanks, Kate-Lucy for leaving your first comment!
: ) I'm so proud of you, and glad to hear from you. I love to know who these people are who drive up the counter! : ) I don't check site traffic, only numbers. I hope you come back to check out our crazy lives. heehee There are always more exciting things to come! : ) Hugs!