Friday, February 26, 2010

Glad we kept the other van!

I just have to blog, cause I can't Facebook, and I'm all nerves!!  I have some exciting news to share...yep, pregnancy is going well.  We had the ultrasound today, and it's TWINS! : O  We were shocked, shaky, nervous, and generally anxious.  We had thought there was a small possibility (more than four pregnancies, twins in my family, over 35 years old, etc.), but we were still shocked to hear it!  I think we were more excited than anything, but still.  When the doctor left the room, I hugged Ches, and he said he thought we'd have five kids.  When was he going to tell me?

The doctor had showed us the heartbeat, then changed it a little, then said, "Can you see it here, can you see it now, can you see it now?" I kept saying yes, and he said, there are two! and he was switching back and forth. Then he put them on the screen at the same time, and snapped some pictures for us to share.  It was all surreal.  We'd thought a big maybe, but to hear it is something totally different.  I mean after losing two, we were just so anxious to see a viable, healthy heartbeat.  Just seeing it was so reassuring.  More was unreal.  I'll calm down in a little bit, but for now, I'm a little hyper!  ~~Oh-and my doctor actually said, hold on, I have to look for More... as in babies!

Oh--and there are two sacs, which is good.  He tried to check my ovaries for corpus luteum cysts (if there were two, they'd be fraternal), but he couldn't see very well.  He'll check again next time.  There is a better chance for them if it's two sacs.  Ches remembers him saying one placenta, but I heard placentas, so we'll ask next time.  There will be 80 more questions to write down...

Ches drove right to work (we drove separately) to tell his department head.  He'd really like to teach his fall classes online, and he wanted to discuss it some more with her.  I've talked to him twice since he left the office, but I didn't even ask him how it went!  We have a date tonight (thank you, forethought!), so we'll talk more later.  There's so much!

We asked all the very real questions too, we didn't totally lose our minds.  We asked what the chances are of them both making it all the way.  With one (after seeing a heartbeat on ultrasound), it's about 92% chance.  With twins, he said there's an upper 80's percent of them making it.  Us-ever practical.  We just didn't want to tell the kids, then it change.

We also asked him when we should tell the kids.  He said if it was him, he'd go ahead and tell them.  We have another ultrasound to check the progress in 10 days, and he said we could always wait until then.  We had decided to tell them tomorrow -Saturday- since we were going out tonight, but I went ahead and told them after calling Ches.  They were so excited!  I told them that we were going to have a baby, and...there are two!  They both yelled, "Twins!"  I didn't really realize that word was in their vocabulary, or that they'd come up with it on their own, but they are pretty smart.  I'm glad they are excited.  They'd like a boy and a girl..I'll just place that order...  I told them we'll be happy with whatever God chooses for us. : )

Mary Claire did say she hopes I don't get "sick" like I did last time (she doesn't even know about the last time) and lose the baby.  I told her I have waited a while to tell her about this pregnancy and the chances of that happening are pretty small, but my prayer warriors can keep praying!!  Clay piped up and said he's praying for a girl, and I know Mary Claire prays with me -daily- for a girl.  I just want them to know their prayers are answered, no matter what.

Now I know why I've been so tired!  I'll try to rest more, maybe eat more calories? and take better care of myself, although I have been working on it since January.  Mom has requested I stop picking up Ethan so much!  I'll try to come down to his level more.  Is there data for harm?

When I called Ches at work this afternoon, he was on the computer looking up twin stuff.  He's so cute.  I'm glad he's excited, and interested.  I can't imagine a husband not being excited-it'd be sooo hard.

Alright, I must mosey on, and get ready to go on a date!  Keep saying your prayers, as my friend's hcg didn't quite double (but totally went up!), but I want us pregnant together, and I love her dearly.  I want her big and pregnant (hahaha), and I want a baby for her just as much as I do for me!  Extra time on your hands?  Say your prayers! : )  Hugs!


Katie said...

HOLLY!!! Oh my goodness. CONGRATS, friend. This is so exciting, and I'm thrilled for you. ; )

Anonymous said...

I have been praying for you, and I am so excited for your family. Wow reading your blog post was like re-living my sonogram all over again. Twins are so much fun.

Lori Evans

Holly said...

Katie-thank you, girl!! I'm a little thrilled. Heehee : ) Hope you are doing well! Prayers still going up for you! : )

Holly said...

Lori-sweet girl! I thought of you today! How did you do it? I'm already nervous, or did I say that already? : ) I know we can do it, but FIVE kids? A little surreal. Imagine eating out, asking for a table for SEVEN! Ah, good times!

Thanks for your prayers, we can ALWAYS use them! I have a friend you need to pray for too-her hcg isn't running so high, and I WANT her pregnant with me!
Your boys are adorable, and I know you are enjoying them. Give me pointers. Daily. Breathe in, breathe out. : ) HUgs!

The Mom said...

Blessed events to pray for each and every day. So thankful to the Lord. This is astonishing and wonderful and amazing and you will be perfect in all you do~~

Congratulations to you and Ches and my sweet Clay, darling Mary Claire and precious Ethan!

L & H

Lullaby's to sing~~

Holly said...

Thanks, Mom! We are excited. : ) ANd yes, tons to pray for. Ethan doesn't really understand, and he's not as excited as Clay and Mary Claire, but he'll get there. Geez-he'll be four this fall! Yes, come and sing lots of lullabies! : )
I don't have a numeric keypad on this laptop, so I'll have to try the fancy-ness on another computer! : ) thanks! Hugs!

KT said...

You don't know me but I came across your blog a few months ago and I've been following your amazing family ever since. I finally had to comment and say congratulations!!!! I'm a mother of one almost two year old boy and we are expecting a new little one in June, your family is very inspiring to me as we enter the world of kid chaos. I love reading about what great parents you and your husband are, you have some very lucky kids. Keep up the great work and sorry for being a weird internet person :)

Mary Ella said...

I am so happy for you, what a shocker but wow what a great turn of events!!! I will keep ya'll in my prayers!

Anonymous said...

The Dance of Joy

Holly said...

KT-you are SO not a weird internet person! I have other blogs I watch (or used to)! That's how I got started. I just found one by accident, and kept track of their family! I think that's how we stay connected now, since we interface less in person-we are busy at home with our kiddos! Thanks for being brave and leaving a comment-I love to hear from you! I have to say I cried when people cared enough to comment today! : ) Precious people. ANd thanks-we are trying to keep up the good work-we went out last night and bought two books-on Twins, and I'm overwhelmed! I thought deciding where they'd sleep would be the biggest decision. Ha! Stay in touch! : )

Holly said...

April-we miss you guys! Come see us this weekend! How's St. Vincent? Thanks-we can use the prayers! I'm so thankful, I can't begin to complain about anything. It'll be fine. : ) Oh, and yes-SHOCKER! : ) Ha!
Will you do the summer bs?

Anonymous said...

I am so overjoyed for you and your family!! I've been praying for you and will keep on.
What a beautiful thing you have done sharing your story and letting others witness your faith, and the power of prayers! God is so Good!
Love you!

Holly said...

Thanks, Ang, I am praying for you too! : )
You are so sweet. I'm trying-it can be a yucky, crazy story, but it's just the truth. Prayer is an AWEsome thing, and oh, that we can say one day that we witnessed a miracle by the grace of God, and our teensy involvement by praying.
I always say that God has better plans for us than we can ever dream up, and it's still true. He has plans, and they are amazing. I just have to trust in Him. Daily. And not stress, or worry. Easier said than done!
I love you! : ) Many hugs to you!!