Monday, January 11, 2010

Lessons Learned

I forget that when I shop, it requires more work and more HaNgErS! I bought some stuff for next winter, mostly for Ethan, but now I have to store it! Mostly I got spring and summer clothes. I will have to work on putting them away now!

I am still working on the Wii Fit-and it's still telling me I've gained weight-like I don't know! It wants to know if I want fitness tips. No, thanks. Really, I know the problem. I'm working on eating less. : )

I got Mary Claire a great new book (yes, it was last week, BeFoRe the *incident*). Ches read a little, and it may be risky! He thinks he read that a girl had a crush on a guy and wanted him to kiss her. So now, I have to read it to preview it. My kids are on such high reading levels, the content is above their age levels. I can't keep up-especially with both of them! I let them read books I've read, but they new ones I can't read all of before I give them. When I was in college, I had to read ALL the Newbery and Caldecott award winners. Yes, it was a four page list. The Caldecotts (best picture book each year) were easy, it was those dog-gone Newberys (best children's text-usually, but not always, a chapter book) that were so tough!! Anyway, I have the books I read as a child, the ones I read in college and while teaching, and the ones I've read in the past few years. But as they come out, I can't always "pre-read" them. Have you read Love, Stargirl? Let me know how it is.

**Ok, did some searching, and it's not that bad. A fist fight, a kiss, a moon (which I don't look forward to describing), and some adult pipe-smoking. Could be bazillions worse. I'll have to do the searching before I buy or before I give! Lesson learned.

ps-Cookies For Sale!! Officially has started. Wanna help sell? Come get a form! Want some cookies? Let me know how many of each kind! : )


Gigi said...

Cookies? Yummy! I will take some. Also, remind me on the time for Friday? Is Mr. Ethan visiting me or am I visiting Mr. Ethan?

Also 'let them read'. Sissy and Clay are off the charts in their reading level, although I wouldn't allow adult novels, etc.


Holly said...

Well, they are reading. It's a good thing, but there's not enough reading literature on a high reading level, but low in content. I guess it takes a lot to keep their interest??

Yes, Cookies!!!!! Yay! : ) And he's coming at 10ish (or you can come here). : )

Gigi said...

I'll come over there. I have two pairs of pants to drop off at the seamstress after I watch Ethan:)

I will be there around 9:50 a.m. then.

Holly said...

SOunds great, thanks! : )
I have some stuff she could do too! One is easy, one she'll have to look at. It has a zipper at the sleeve! It's a cool cream colored leather jacket-so cute! : ) But as usual, the sleeves are toooo long. NOt so cool.
and I have your Gap pants too!