Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Girl Scout cookies are for sale! : ) We are officially open for business. They won't be in till Feb. 14th or 15th, but we are excited. It's our big fundraiser for the year, and the girls enjoy it. My sis-in-law is selling them at her office, and she sold so many last year (maybe more than Mary Claire??)! Mary claire set her goal at 200, so I just hope we can reach it! Every year it gets harder-especially in this economy. I think everyone knows it's for a good cause-it's not just for the cookies to eat. This year the NWA Children's Shelter was chosen for the Gifts of Sharing cookies (when people will buy some, but don't want them at their house to eat!). It's hard when the sale is right after the holidays, and everyone wants to lose weight. (Like me.) Let me know if you would like to order some! : )

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