Friday, January 22, 2010 WAS a ruptured eardrum!

Seriously, thanks for bearing with me in my fog of run on sentences and crazyness.  It didn't get any better last night.  Ethan was up at 4, in my bed: suck, suck, suck, suck, suck, suck, suck on that stupid torn paci, I couldn't sleep!!  I finally took him back up to his bed at 5:10 (yes, AM!), but then Ches had to go up there.. it doesn't end. And then I slept in (or slept over, what do you call it?), woke up at 7:25, and we had to hurry to get the kids to school.  Funny enough, or thanks to God, they were ready to go at the same time as usual.  So..why can't they get around that fast every day?

We (Ethan and I) slept for 20 minutes this afternoon, and I took him to the doctor.  He did indeed have a ruptured ear drum.  The doctor couldn't even see down in it, cleaned it out twice, and decided to just check the other ear since I knew one ear still had a tube.  Well.  The one that was not leaking had a tube, so bad news.  He's back on antibiotics AgAiN, so I'm voting for more tubes a little while after this left one comes out.  (So, I remember later when I look this up, it's his right ear that ruptured, and the left one has a tube.  Just disregard...)

We went out and saw a movie (thinking of the name.. bear with me..) about a dad trying to save his kids-he was working with a scientist to raise money for research, and it really reminded me of our life.  I like to go to movies to escape my life (you know, a two-hour vacation from my every day?), but it was so real, and I could see me in it.  It was tough to watch, but good.  At least it had redeeming value-Ches said it was a Made For TV movie by CBS, but they were trying to bring in some cash. I can totally see it being on TV next year.  Ok, looked it up: Extraordinary Measures. : )  Google is Super Handy!

Do you have purse suggestions?  Seriously?  I'm looking for one a little smaller than the one I have, as it's breaking my back, and I can no longer carry a child, his blanket, AND that big suitcase around!  It's SO heavy!  I have a lot of coins in there (I will soon get rid of), a notebook, wallet, 2 phones (extra iPhone I tried to get service on..Not Happening.  You have to have internet or no service.  Can't just have phone service!  Boo.), tons of paperwork (it's my mobile office, you know), all the keys and pens (I just LoVe pens! But only colored ones), a case with gums (four kinds), tic tacs, hand sanitizers (one for each family member's preference), extra underwear, just in case (for Ethan, not me, silly!), and all those other Mom things.  It's just too much, and I want to start fresh.  Cleaning my purse is just not enough, I've tried!  I think I've had this one for a year and a half now-a personal record!  I did get a new green one last spring, but I only carried it for a couple months.  I love that this one holds so much, but it must weigh 6 or 7 pounds empty!  Ugh.  My back! (shoulder!)

Do you let your child be themselves?  How do you encourage it, and not laziness?  I need to work on this.  I don't think Mary Claire has found her strength yet, and I want to help her.  We think maybe she should take piano (she wants voice lessons, but no one will consider it until after puberty..) to learn to read music and play too, and maybe art.  She is artistic, and maybe?  I want her to conform, and like what I like.  I think I thought she'd be like I was, but she sooo isn't.  In good ways I guess too.  Parenting is this fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kinda job!  And it changes from day to day--what worked yesterday doesn't always work today.  Mary Claire is loving me teaching her every day-I think it's the one on one attention.  Our time together is usually diabetes-related, and we don't get that read aloud time at night like we used to-she's reading alone now.  So, it's working for now, and she's stronger at some things than I thought she'd be, but weaker in areas I assumed were easy!  But she came home today excited she made E's (for Excellent) on her addition and subtraction quizzes, so she was proud.  We've been drilling those flash cards.  This is not how I planned to spend an hour and a half every night, but if it's helping her learn and shine, then it's worth it.  But, I still am looking for her special talent so she can shine on her own...

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