Monday, January 25, 2010

Chocolate Cheerio Crack

Ok, just cleaned away a post that never needed seeing.  I was ranting about people's stupidity, and no one really wants to read about that.  We could all read that any old day.

Ok, wanna know what my new crack is?  MMmmmm.. It's Chocolate Cheerios!  It's like Cocoa Krispies for adults!  There are no pictures of little cartoon characters, so that proves it's for adults.  And it says, "With Real Cocoa", so that means it has cocoa's natural antioxidants, so I'm eating healthy.  mmmmm... it even turns my milk brown.  Wait till my kids see it in the cabinets.  It'll be a hit!  I sure hope they keep it on the shelf.  Every time I find a new favorite (well, usually my picks are healthier, but you know...), they take it off the shelves (like the Honey Nut Frosted Mini Wheats)!

Do you renew your magazine subscriptions when they tell you that "Your Subscription is About to Expire!" (in May, 2011).  I have had enough of them!  I watch them, read the small print, and try to keep tabs on all of them.  But, get this.  For all my loyalty (long, long subscriptions-years), I get the bargain basement price of $36 for a year!  But, imagine my surprise when a postcard fell out of the magazine offering me a new subscription for only $13 a year (or two for $26!), 60% off the retail price!  Ha. Ha.  I'm so valued.
So.  I planned a lapse!  Ha, the jokes on you, Southern Living!  I am mailing in the new card tomorrow.  I had to hold it until I got my February issue (so I didn't miss one..).  Let's see if it works!  I'll keep you posted.

We are getting ready to have the first anniversary of our absolutely horrible ice storm.  I think Mother Nature is throwing a party in its honor.  We are expecting low temps, ice, snow, and freezing rain: a Winter Storm.  Ches is already checking out the forecast in other, more southern, cities.  (We saw a great article on San Antonio, and one on a great indoor waterpark-hotel in Grapevine, Texas in Southern Living.  See why I need it?)  We are looking for warmer, electricity-bearing cities.  Any Ideas?

Oh no!  We have a birthday party this Saturday!  And we already got her a present.  Boo.  Ok, Ice.  This is not a good weekend, come again another day?

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