Monday, August 24, 2009

Floating Away

Let's make a to-do list that I can't scratch off (and exists only in computer world..).
I need to:
__ Send thank you's to the precious people who care so much and
who've sent donations to JDRF!!
__ Clean my desk
__ Go to bed early
__ Smash the *gosh!#DaRn¿!* fly that keeps buzzing around my
__ Read all my magazines that keep filling my mailbox (that I
keep on tap even though I never have the time to read)
__ Empty the dishwasher
__ Renew my driver's license in the next eleven days
__ Reschedule Clay's ENT appointment
__ Sign Clay up for fall baseball league
__ Consider baby names
__ Schedule Mary Claire's eye exam (to have eyes dialated)
(NeVeR fun)

And I'll get all this done after I get lunches made, Monday Folders signed and filled out, order school t-shirts, check my email, check Facebook, check FB messages, clean the black beans off of Ethan's booster chair (spilled his plate in his lap at dinner), wash his clothes, and water the plants.

Yep, one of those days!
It was fun-I got to plan for a better deck with my dad-he spent most of the day working on it (and shopping for it...), then I had lunch with two great friends, made it to my (not-the) doctor's appointment, had blood drawn (and was a Big Girl), then we played at Kendra's, then I tried to give the kids popsicles while I made dinner (but they ate them too quickly), then Ethan stripped naked, so I thought a bath would contain his little monkey body for 20 minutes. Well. Therein was my mistake.

It created another big, fat job (and thus another cyber checkmark) for me to work on. He decided "turn the water off when it covers the thighs" (my rule) was not sufficient. In all his baths (three today) (a billion elsewhere), he has learned to work the faucet. Or at least one side of it. Too bad it was the hot side. (well, only the cold would have been equally awful) He had filled it to the very tip top. And I don't mean, Ya Know, This High, I mean FULLLL! With the little helper drain at the top working it's heart out to empty the thing!

Yes, I did the dutiful panic-scream-get mad-panic-pull him out-get mad-try to get him to stop swirling around/splashing out-take off jewelry-pull up sleeve-pull the drain stopper up-get mad some more-dry the crying baby off-cause he was having fun-dry some more of the sides-dry him-ran to get my camera-cause when will there EVER be this much water in here again???

I came back to the kitchen to find sweet Mary Claire stirring the black beans I'd been making (cause they were bubbling/burning?), and the quesadilla was rather brown too. Ahh, motherhood. Conjures up some thoughts. Thankful for some of them, wondering if I'll stuff some of them... He should've known he was writing his own Early Bedtime Ticket. He'll learn. (I hope.)

So now they are all tucked safely in their beds, and I can't wait to do the same. They are all wearing me out! : O

ps-the doctor/nurse visit went well. They were very interested in my jewelry/dress/hair, and not so interested in my pregnancy. They kept saying, "well, this is all old news to you", "you already know all this", and "you should know all about this by now", etc. Umm. Can I just say that any time you have a LIFE growing inside you-it isn't Old Hat? All those old neuroses, and fears, and questions just pop right back up? Yes, you already know the questions, but you want all the reassurances Again? How to make that clear?

ps-Clay was an angel today, Mary Claire was good, but sleepy, tired, didn't feel good, and hungry; and Ethan was..well, you know the story.

ps-I smashed the fly!! : D


Gigi said...

You made it through the day. No one was injured, no one was hurt and that is all in the day of a good mother.

Are there safety locks for the bathtub as well as for cabinets and doors? Ethan is going to push all the limits, bless his heart.

My heart has not calmed down yet.

Tomorrow is 'good-hair' day which is always a very good day.

Much love..sleep well..and do your best.

Holly said...

I'm definitely trying my best. I wish I could lock it all up, but it just isn't so. He's crazy, and he'll have to learn to cope with himself. He needs a good, healthy outlet.
Yes, we made it through the day. : )

I bet you are excited! : ) I love hair day! It even makes my week better! : ) Enjoy, tell Misty hi!! : )

Gigi said...

Love you. I will tell Misty. L&H

The Ware's said...

Hi Holly!
Your list sounds a lot like mine... I'm finally feeling like I'm getting there but whew!! I found a neat list of organizational stuff... check out this blog...
As for the baby comments, I know what you mean! I actually find that I'm more nervous with this one than the other two but the nurses and staff act like this should be old hat! Ugh! Well, hope you are feeling good.. we'll have to plan a lunch or something - we're trying the library tomorrow - I'll let you know how it goes.. are you guys still going to go Thursdays? Talk to you later.. :o)

Holly said...

I'll check out the blog!! : ) Thanks!

Yes, I'm planning to go on Thursdays-Wednesdays (starting NeXt week) he has Mother's Day Out. (and I'm not spending it at storytime alone!)

Tomorrow, I have a dr. appt for Clay, oil change appt for my van, and dmv picture renewal. It'll be lovely with my new red nose. : P

I'll plan to go next Thursday! We could meet to let the kids play, but I"m thinking not this week. I feel yucky now. : (

The Ware's said...

Hi Holly! I won't be going today after all - I hardly slept last night, my arm still hurts from my flu shot yesterday and I'm all stuffy - I was sneezing non-stop yesterday! Great fun! I see your stuffy too... not fun! Well, let me know about next week - sounds fun...I'll talk to you later.. hope you feel better soon!