Thursday, August 27, 2009

Momma to the Birds

*Note: I think it was pseudoephedrine yesterday, not phenylephrine.

Today was a home day. I was planning to take a Sick Day, and kinda did! Ches took the kids to school for me, and I lounged on the bed. For a whole 12 minutes. I did stay off the computer all day. Ethan and I strolled around the property (heehee) a few times, checking out our plants, butterflies, bees, angel, and weeds. We pulled the ones we could (weeds, not plants). We have a few pumpkin plants growing on accident out front. Last year, after pumpkins were carved, Ches washed the squish off to the sides of the sidewalk. SO, now the seeds have grown roots, vines, and flowers. We'll see if they produce! Who knows? We could be Accidental Gardeners! And maybe even Successful Gardeners, if we're dreaming!

Then we worked with Papa a little more on the deck. Ethan got nice-n-dirty, played balance beam on a board, played on the slide, and got lots of exercise! He also spilled his drink on a chair cushion and on the deck, and needed a bath immediately afterwards, but oh, what a nap he took! : ) He slept like a baby. Well, better than one!

I took a tiny nap, but it counts! Any sleep is good sleep. I actually slept through the night last night, and felt so much better this morning. I'm hoping for more tonight! I didn't get a few things done today, so now they've been bumped to Friday. I did get some vacuuming done, it freaks me out when it's been too long! If I can see bits on the floor, it's just gross.

We also have some other new pets. Our bird nest in our wreath in the front door is minus a mommy. (Yes, the mommy that flew all around our house last Thursday.) So, I've looked up what they can eat, and have fed them a couple times. Get this. They eat every 30-60 minutes during daylight hours. I mixed cat food with sugar water, and gave them cottage cheese curds with tweezers. The momma has been gone for a day and a half, and they've gotten some fuzz on them. They are maybe a week old? Poor birds. And Purrahna (can't remember how to spell it-Purr and Pirrahna, the neighbor cat we've started feeding-she lives in our yard) is just waiting on our porch (it's raining, too) smelling baby birdies. It's just sad. I read that even if we keep them alive, the momma usually teaches them to fly and hunt for food. So, who's gonna do that? : ( Cheese curds is about as far as I can go.

Ches asked me if I'm going to help out at the school this year. Last year I went one day a week (only for an hour or two), to help. I just don't think I can. If it was copying for the teachers, I could do it, but it never is. When I get busy helping a child with work, I can't leave. I feel like I need to help them finish, then before long, I've run over my time (and into their next subject)! I might email to see if they need a copy person, but really, I'd bet there's someone with more time than me that wants (?) to do it. That could totally be rephrased, but I'll just let it go.

And I'm hearing meowing. Bad sign. And I feed her too. To keep her tummy full, so she won't eat my birds!


The Ware's said...

Good luck with the baby birds... the only time we had baby birds was in a planter on our front porch in Raleigh... as they started to fledge one of the resident stray cats got them one by one as they just down....horrible sight to watch! I yelled at Tigger (our only cat at the time) - like that really helped but ... I hope you feel better... we've just had a sleepy stuffy week.. hopefully that's it.. oh... storytime might work out for us on Thursday - still trying to see what day will be my volunteer day... we'll see...:o)

Mom said...

Your Mother loves you for loving, the birds, the flowers, the trees, the Lord, and most of all my precious grandchildren.

Holly said...

Sandra, I think the mommy is back, thank God.

Mom, thanks. I'm loving them the best I can.