Saturday, August 8, 2009

Non Confrontation and it's opposite-Terminator

Remember my sweet husband? Yeah, we argued today. It was just over who was going to clean the kitchen after dinner, and who would take the kids out to swim. I think I overreacted since I like to clean (weird, I know), and do it my way. And I didn't think it was fair to take Ethan and Mary Claire out when Clay couldn't swim (still some blood coming from his nose, and he can't get his ears too wet yet). So I had an argument all the way around. Only he doesn't argue (set up from day one-he knows I hate confrontation). So he just helped clean up (after some words about what he does that I don't see or appreciate, and what I do that he doesn't appreciate-our version of an argument), then we gave the kids baths, and had a good game of Monopoly Jr. with the kids during the iFight (iCarly) movie. I won (really!), and Mary Claire quit since she was so into the movie!

I've been cooking for Clay. He's had eggs (scrambled), oatmeal, cheeses, black, refried, and kidney beans, puddings, a bag and a half of marshmallows, and tonight he wanted mashed potatoes (with real potatoes), gravy, and spaghetti. It was work, but good. The amazing thing was I filled up Mary Claire-which is next to impossible! She actually didn't finish her spaghetti, so I had to stop her square wave bolus since I'd given her insulin for all her dinner (I had to weigh the noodles she didn't eat, figure the insulin for them, and back it off what I'd already given her).

Anyway, we are transitioning back into school-time schedule and trying to get the kids to bed at a decent time. We read stories, which we haven't done since we were on vacation (-insert guilt here-)! It was so nice. It actually made me sleepy-I had forgotten the side effect! I laid around on my bed (without the sheets since I washed them and they were in the laundry room-yes, just lazy). Now Ches has moved his tv watching party to the bedroom, so we are enjoying Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Ok, I mean Ches enjoys it (and explaining the latest movie, and all previous Terminator movies, and how they all fit together), and I cringe at every stabbing and arm-twisting and all the black (seriously-it's always night,
Schwarzenegger has black clothes on, and there's death at every turn!).

Since the kids are in bed earlier, they'll be up earlier. The second side effect to our school-time schedule! I need them to be up by seven at the latest for school, so we have to work on this for a week or two! But that means we have to curtail our nightly tv parties soon!


Gigi said...

What can I say? If two people live under the same roof, there will be friction. You have managed to keep almost all friction at bay, so be thankful, life is good, the kids are well, and your mother only complains daily instead of hourly.

If my husband tried to put a television in my bedroom the size of Rhode Island I would have a fit is all I am saying. Cranky me, I have to have my sleep. But I know it is what he wanted, and he asks for nothing, so there, just learn to live with The Terminator or various other programs/movies. After all, you have learned to love Jimmy Kimmel via the hubby.

The balance sheet surely tipped in his favor on the Rhode Island tv.

I like my Italian Reading Room with all the accoutrements of television, books, cpu, the nice rug for my dogs to lounge (of course BART would cringe at not being on the love seat), coffee table to eat off of and a great place to serve food, also conducive to sipping cappuccino and just admiring the art. My own little sitting room, although 'someone' has begun to place 'their' feet on my coffee table and eat off my nice coffee table and try to take over the remote from HGTV to 'Cops'. What?

Friction begins at home. I need locks. Good ones.

Ahem..I digress..Clay loves your food as well as does everyone. You are a fantastic cook. There is nothing like working hard in the kitchen and being appreciated for the food you serve to your family.

Last evening we had all the various veggies fresh from Doug's garden and the last of my cinnamon toast from the grocers. Yummy indeedy! That is healthy eathing at its best and all that is required is the cutting and slicing. He has the best tomatoes I have eaten by far!!

Dad wants everyone to know his birthday is around the corner and he will accept presents, phone calls, and good wishes. He had been trying to ignore the fact, but today, he seems to have come around. So maybe, just maybe, he will have a good birthday. Please call BR-549 to reach him.

Hope Clay is doing well. My sweet little guys are going to make the girls swoon.. And of course Mary Claire, there will be no stopping her...she will conquer the world if she makes up her mind to do just that. She does, what, she likes, and, only, what, she likes, but she can do anything, if she wants it.

See you later~~~


Holly said...

Hey girly-girl! : ) You are so sweet to comment, and I can always count on you! thanks : )

My tv the size of Rhode Island was certainly not my choice-BUT, it does come in handy when Candice Olsen or Grey's Anatomy (I can see the surgery soo much better!) is on! : ) And I DO love Jimmy now. I didn't even really watch late night tv years ago! : )

I think Clay's better. No real blood today! WooHoo! : )

Mary Claire did her usual "I'm tired" before church and during, and had horribly high blood sugars. I've now changed her site, and she was at 200%!!!!!!! Pray for her to get under control again. : ) Please!

I'll see you later. Maybe we could paint Tuesday night? or Wednesday night? Thurs. is LR, so no help there. Luv you!

Gigi said...

Tuesday night...It's a date!

Prayers coming your way. Bless MC's little heart. I wish I could take this cross she has to bear. I pray for a cure as well.