Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day (and one whoopie cushion)

Ahh, what a great day. Can't say it was anything out of the ordinary-me trying to get the kids to clean their rooms, put away their laundry, cooking and cleaning, it's just that if I take a whole day off, I'm behind! But still fun, and a good day. Just fun to see all the neat stuff the kids got together for me! Art, drawings, cards, playdoh signs (what other word to use here?), and they were so excited! Clay even wanted me to have a seat to look at all his neat stuff for me (I found out it was so I'd sit on his new whoopie cushion!). They had fun with it. Ethan had no clue, and just wanted me up to feed him!!

Mom and Dad got to come over for a super casual lunch! It was fun! We got to eat and play outside and push the kids down the hill in the wagon repeatedly. I took some video of the glides down, maybe I can load them below? If I do, you'll have to press play to get them to run. I've never tried it, so if you don't see them, know it was just too much tonight! : ) Dad installed my nifty magazine holder this afternoon-I just love it!! I'll try to place a pix over to the right. It's polished nickel, and kinda looks like a towel rack. It has five arms that swivel out to you, so you can load it down with heavy (with ads) magazines! It really will clean up that stack of mags on my floor that make it hard to mop (well, when that actually happens!). I'm excited-I love it! Him putting it up was probably the best Mother's Day gift-I sure don't think it would've happened! I was worried about placement-it was going to have to hit a stud to support all that weight! And, that gets complicated.

This afternoon, we all laid down for a nap, then we got everyone up to go to church at 5:15. We redressed (to match of course!), and got out the door on time. When Ches drove up to drop me and the kids off, there was a big sign that said, "No 5:15 Mass". What? So, Ches got a bulletin and we think it's because there was an extra First Communion Mass this afternoon at 2:30. Maybe it's just too many masses this weekend. So, since we were all together and dressed, Ches took us to Chili's to eat. It was ok-it's no longer my favorite place to eat (too many times, I guess?) so I just share fajitas with Ches. I'm not even into their salsa anymore (Sam's is WaY better!), so we tried to keep Ethan with us as long as possible, then Ches took him to the van while I paid. It was average, I tell ya! Story of my days. I missed going to church, and I was just telling Mary Claire about it being my responsibility to make sure Clay makes it every week. And I fell down on the job. (Granted, it really wasn't my fault. We tried.)

I'm into my 4th load of laundry (some of it is prewashing before we head to Disney (on Wednesday!!-new clothes are just scratchy when you are sweating!), and I cleaned up the kitchen and hearth room after the kids went to bed. Lunches are made for tomorrow, and the kids got their baths. I laid out all their clothes (to match each other of course!), shoes, bows, pump pouches, bike shorts (for under dresses), swimsuits, undies, etc. I'm glad I started earlier this time! I felt very behind and rushed before we went to Nashville. I like to have them match so I get great pictures of them while we're there! I'm planning to take a group pix of the kids and either send out Disney cards for Christmas or maybe have some beach pix taken this July/August at the beach. We'll see which ones turn out better! : ) Ethan is also growing up so fast now, he may look different in another couple of months.

I just turned my calendar to next week, and I'm shocked to see my dentist (cleaning) on tomorrow-I had completely forgotten! That means I'll have to miss Baby Bookworms AGAiN! It's been about a month since I've been! I hate that. It's so fun. They still haven't found my Farm book-so I'm not happy! It is not with me, and I'm just sure I turned it in! What to do? I'm sure they'll want me to pay for it. I'll consider it payment for all the fun baby bookworm classes, I guess.

Ok, to put my clean sheets on my bed, and work on reading more of my great Jen Lancaster book!! Ahh, she's so funny! : )


Gigi said...

Jiminy cricket!!

Great video of Calvin and Hobbes! The 'case of the flying wagon' or 'how can I crash my sister?' That poor wagon was just laying in the shrubbery, Clay and I dragged it out and decided to have 'a bit o fun' and Ethan was brilliant enough to escape after the first curb 'jump' and ride on his new tractor where he was in control...

The plastic wrap must have been half the estimate of painting the house? Or maybe it reminds of 'the bubble boy' (Seinfeld episode 47, season 4). Either way, aren't you glad that is behind you...

Thank you for the nice cards, gift of flowers, delicious meal, exercise in caution, extra cheese, and good time. It is always an adventure... And of course there was the phone call at the end with the 'thump' that I am still laughing about.

Glad you are enjoying Jen L. I removed the book cover and put it on the nightstand ;o) lol

Tell Dena I am one o'clock.

You will have a great time in Florida!

Love and hugs~~~

p.s. What to do about MC's birthday??

Holly said...

We're having a slumber party on the 22nd-you could come to that-otherwise, we're celebrating in Disney, and no more till her party. : ) It's just too much! : )