Monday, May 18, 2009

No hand-washing for me-it might age my hands even more!

Well, the last *missing* blog may never be recovered...still having trouble with the text (on the injured computer)!
So, life moves on! Today was a nice ketchup day! I scaled mountains of laundry and rediscovered my house (and the insides of my suitcases...). It's always a cleaning frenzy, and I like it. I cleaned out my yucky pantry. Every time I opened the door it freaked me out-just piles of stuff! So, it's all better now. : ) We have to quit shopping at Sam's! You have to have a BIG pantry to store multiple boxes of big snacks and drinks! And we do NOT. Someone must quit overbuying there. Seriously. Or his membership card might accidently get revoked... : )

Ches got the new 44 cent stamps today-and the little baby is just sucking like crazy on her paci, and it reminds me of Ethan! (I googled, and it's Maggie!) She looks annoyed, like she's daring anyone to take her pacifier. That's my boy! We had weaned him down to his paci (didi as he calls it) only at nap and bedtime, but his last illness upped his need (and geez! ours too!), so we are back to full time sucking. : (
He told us tonight (again..), "Big Boy Bed!" We keep telling him about his big bed, but truth be told, I'm not ready. It just seems like letting go of the baby bed makes him big. I have to mentally prepare first! I have physically prepared: I've gotten his new bedding-right before Christmas, I think? and he will probably use Clay's old bed (well, Clay's second big boy bed!). Ches is ready, but my theory is to leave them in the baby bed till they are climbing out-I guess it makes for better Saturday mornings? heehee

Ok, so my hands are okay..I'm focusing on another body part today. Or maybe the whole middle-ish part! I think it's all the eating out? It can't be for lack of exercise-I walked daily every day for the past few days!

Off to bed for me-the kids are getting up super-early, Florida-early. Ethan was up at 5:50, and Mary Claire was up by 6:25! So, I'm tired. Bunco tomorrow, so I'll try for a nap tomorrow afternoon! : )

Oh-did I mention my dishwasher is FuLL? And I just went to the store today? And there's no more Cascade? I think it's one of those things you don't realize is gone until you need it. So, back to WM again tomorrow.

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Gigi said...

Umm..I used the last of your Cascade without writing it down. I always assume you have boxes in the pantry ;o)

See you later...