Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bathroom Scare!

I'm trying to use the word okay less often, so bear with me. We ran errands today-Target, Sam's, Home Depot.. and guess where my baby was the most excited? Is he a boy, or what? He loved the tractors! He was in Heaven over in the spreaders and push mowers (if you can imagine. Anything with wheels), and then-heehee-he was on Cloud Nine! He just had to try one out! I snapped a picture, since he was just plum gleeful! : )
Here's his daddy wanting to snuggle in the happiness:

or not. I couldn't get it to go where I wanted. Bummer. I'll post it over to the side. Give me another year or two and I'll have it all knocked out.

We had to leave the house this morning. It was just not livable (that looks dumb. Live-able). Well, unless we hid out in my room. But, geez that got old by the time Dora was going off. We took to the streets, and left the workers alone. Funny, how in the beginning you don't want to be here alone and want two people here minimum. Then, you gradually are okay (#2) with taking a NAP with them here, then you just up and leave! They are very nice and seem trustworthy. They are pretty quiet (oh-except for the crazy noise I just heard-a paint mixer or something? sprayer?). That was like fate (my life), say it and it's over! Anyway (the next word I promise to strike from my vocabulary), we left and headed out to spend some time (and money). I went into Target only to return something, but left with three or four bags. How does that happen? And I pulled off a whole long strip of price markers (and Price Cut sticking-out thingies) trying to get to my peanut butter crackers. I stood on the edge of the bottom shelf (for I'm height challenged, but make up for it in other ways) and held on to the shelf edge at about my head (or what I thought was metal) and the entire strip and all the thingies went flying like confetti. It was NOT my birthday, and I couldn't get them all back on! Maybe they'll watch the cameras and place the peanut butter crackers lower? Yeah, didn't think so!

Then we went to Sam's (also supposed to be a quick trip), and stayed for ever: food, soap, pizza, etc. And had another exciting moment! Ethan again told me, "Peepee!" and grabbed himself. Then we did the "thing" we do: he grabs my neck and we RUN to the bathroom! We made it, got him on the toilet (after running in on someone in the Family Bathroom-the door was Unlocked in my defense) and he played with the trash can, wiped himself, then tried to open the door with his pants off! We got him back together (as I was scared to death the toilet was going to do the automatic flush thing with me squatted, face wayyy to close to the toilet water!), then we washed. There was a low sink, not for kids, but for wheelchairs, I'd guess. He enjoyed the washing, and could almost reach alone. Then while I was finishing washing, he reached toward this innocent looking piece of countertop, and SSSSSHHHHHH!!! He freaked out! It was an air dryer, and it was LOUD! It was blowing at his face-level, and it was just all too much. He started crying, and it was over. We went back to Ches, and he buried his head in his daddy. I hope this is not the end of bathroom-love.
Ps-No. No peepee went into the toilet today. At least not yet. But you never ignore a "peepee".

Gotta pick the kids up and enjoy the SuN! : )

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