Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Do cuter pillows make sleepier girls?

My dishes are happier now! I have gotten Cascade, dishwashed the waiting ones and I had to hand wash the breakfast dishes! But better, much better! : )

We have a slumber party coming up, and I got an awesome suggestion to make pillowcases as their craft/take-home gift. I ran into Target today (yes, collision), and couldn't decide between white (plain, like white undies) and the turquoise! I bought both and thought I'd let Mary Claire decide! I got some hot pink fringe at Hobby Lobby, and I'll edge the end seam in it, and monogram the 'cases with their first names in hot pink. Then I got some fabric markers for them to sign/draw/write on them (dark turquoise, hot pink, green, and purple). I had NO plan since Mary Claire has planned her own party, but I had a sweet mom call to rsvp, and what a great idea! It's really all I'm doing (except, I have to remember to order the cake...and get Mary Claire a sleeping bag!) Making a list...

I'll be at Bunco tonight, but then...it's pillow-decorating! I'll post pix if it goes well.. : )

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Mom said...

~~~Thank you my darling daughter and let us make miracles at the blue home and bring joy to others~~~

~~ You have a great heart...

Love and hugs~~~