Sunday, May 17, 2009

I'm home, safe and sound (but my laptop isn't)

Blah, blah. Know you don't need griping as much as I don't.
I totally wrote yesterday, and had a ton more pix to load, but my computer died in Florida. The battery no longer works (and it reset to December 31, 1969-which I can't understand since computer's weren't even invented then! But happy birthday, Mom!) and the internet wouldn't connect. I stayed up until 11:50 last night on the phone with the HotAir (their wireless service) tech guy, and he was going to have to send it to a, I said, "Forget it, I'm going to bed!" So, all the typing, all the pix? stuck on the other computer. Maybe I'll play with it more tomorrow. I'm tired. But home! Yay! : )

ps-My hands are looking older. When does it happen? Is it overnight? I don't remember that from yesterday. Maybe it's that awful light over my computer?


Gigi said...

Your hands are fine.

You are just exhausted. Get some sleep. You will get your photos.

The sun will come out tomorrow, tomorrow~~~~

Love and hugs~~

Gigi said...

Great photos..

Love and hugs..