Monday, May 11, 2009

Look Mom-No Cavities! : )

Today was my dental cleaning-not exciting. Don't think you remember the filling I had last winter to refill a tooth that'd been filled 10th grade? It'd finally worn away. I had a horrible experience and the dentist was NoT nice. Well, I went back because my dental hygienist (who vaporized for two years-but is back!) was there and I just love her. She didn't know about the trauma (since she WaSn'T THeRe!) so I had to tell her (And boohoo the entire time). Anyway, it was yuck and brought up gross memories again. So, emotional, I went to Target and shopped. It was slightly therapeutic. : ) I have been needing to get Ethan some summer shoes-especially for our trip-it'll just be too hot to wear socks and shoes down there! And I want him to be able to play in the little water fountains, and socks and shoes just slow you down! : ) Anyway, I got three pairs, hoping one would fit (just one did). I also got all the things I needed from WM (at Target), but I was just too lazy to walk around that big store today! As it turns out, I had to run in there (WM) anyway to get this green stretchy tape stuff to tie our wisteria onto the pergola! It's growing so fast, I can't contain all the vine-y things!
: O
I brought home all the plants I got, and Mary Claire and I planted after school. Ches and Clay went to the movies (Battle for Terra), so they were gone all afternoon. We've had a late dinner, and played outside. I love it when we get to summer! It's all outside, lazy, and super-casual. My favorite is laying by the pool in the evening (then I want to fall asleep), but with Ethan, it's not quite that easy! We'll settle for dinner on the deck and some great playing on the Park! : )
I finished my Jen Lancaster book today-very good! She's just hilarious. I can see why she's made it this far. You go, girl!

We are getting ever closer to our trip, and we are just about ready. The kids are wishing it was Tuesday night, but by Sunday, they'll be wishing it was Saturday! Hard to explain to them. So, I tell them to take it one day at a time-be patient. Mary Claire has already packed a bag for Bella (you know, the unicorn who wears clothes and a diaper?), and wants to carry it on in case she needs it (should I ask if my 6-year-old has flown too much? I didn't fly till I was 19!). And she is checking her suitcase with Thumbelina in it, although she'd like to carry it on too. There is just an issue with a little girl who lives in a big flower, all the glitter, and security! She hardly plays with the things she takes, but somehow it's like home when she's there, which is what she needs.

I'm getting ready to mail her slumber party invitations! She's so excited, and am I delaying? It makes me tired to think about it! I know I can do it. We'll have so many things planned
(well, really MC has done the planning!), that I think it'll fly by! She also wanted to swim, but I don't know how we'll have time-unless we truly don't sleep that night! I've made her narrow her invitation list, since I don't know how it'll go-I mean won't more girls just give the party more energy? Ahhh!! If you have a strong personality, and don't need much sleep, feel free to stop by and HeLP on the 22nd! : ) And maybe bring a pillow?

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Gigi said...

Pillow(s)..sure...maybe a couple of massive square red-checked pillows with beautiful toile on the opposing side...yummy...

Busy Mom is flying off..hopefully to rest, rather than to be 'busier' than ever..

Have fun and enjoy...

Call if you need anything..

Love and hugs~~~