Thursday, December 18, 2008

Possible new followers!

Woohoo! My mom is looking to help me get followers! and commenters, ole'!
...Have changed a diaper (poopy of course-eww! he says), held child off computer screen (Mama, Da-ee, Cway, sisi, mine), wrestled away a pot from him, fed two popsicles (in high chair) (therefore getting laundry sorted, and first load going), commented a little more, ate three pecan turtles (homemade!), got him off Clay's top bunk, secretly took away Clay's Eye-Clops (must have for young kids!) and hid it in a top drawer, found a cryo-pak (ice pack) in Clay's bathroom (?)...still no shower as dh (darling husband for new readers-oops-reader) came home from drop off and said he was going to work-what? on break? and then to lunch with big kids-saint he is. Will try for shower during Ethan's nap.


Gigi said...

Eye-Clops, MUST have for young children? Maybe a company endorsement is on its way?

What pecan turtles????

Holly said...

woo-hoo. Money for nothin', and your chicks for free! Money to aimlessly write about what my kids play with...:they also adore Pottery Barn bedding and dollhouse, barbies, polly pockets, Thomas trains, Tinkertoys, Magnetix, Leapsters...endorsements, anyone?

Holly said...

ditto for turtles, come and get em.