Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Well, I'm just so stinkin excited to be starting a blog! I have so much to say! heehee
: ) I always think every day is the craziest day-and I don't have time to share it with my precious friends! This is just so easy. I hope to make it better....
Today I helped my good friend, Jenifer, embellish her beautiful home for her Christmas party Friday night-which is where I'll be in the Fri pm! : ) I used spray adhesive and glitter to glam up her fruit and nuts, and now i have a permanent glittered thumb and index finger-highly desirable. My sweet six-year-old, Mary Claire, wanted her fingers glittered! I ran to two stores to get last minute gifts for Clay's (8) little friends. I got airplanes you shoot off a slingshot thingie and tiny video games-read cheap. They also had to have books for a book/gift exchange on Thursday. So, I got the kids each a book, then got a few extras for the kids who won't bring one. Last year, I had to have 10 extra for Clay's class! I don't know if it's busy parents or they don't have money in this economy....? Anyway, then home to speed-wrap them, back to the school to drop them off, check out the teachers' way-c0ol handpainted sweatshirts and stylin' 80's hairdos! BAck home to check out a puppy online (as SAnta let down Clay last year in his quest for pup ownership), and he's given up on the man in the red suit. He won't even write a letter, although this evening he told me about Ansley-who-doesn't-believe. He said she was wrong, and he still believes. Then asked probing questions about whether I put stuff in his stocking...Whew. I said I put in stuff before I went to bed, then maybe SAnta puts stuff on top of it. Could I be MORE vague? Anyway, then I contacted said-puppy-seller, and Mary Claire overheard me talking and wanted to know about Beauty (morkie's current name..) and what pet department and 650, etc. and what was I talking about.... Ahhh! abort, abort!!
Conferenced with hubby about said dog... made PRE (think Sunday School) teacher gifts-7! and made quick dinner, ran them to church, put 2-year-old (EThan) to bed, ran back to get them, started a blog... did I miss anything? ; )
Maybe I just needed an online journal to catalog thoughts and accomplishments. When you are a mom, there are no contests or kudos to the winners. We have to list our yay! moments so we'll know we had some.
Today's cool moments: Great prayers and excitement at the beginning of the day on the way to drop kids at school, at Jenifer's creating magic, Creating awesome rhyme-y poem for kid's gifts to teachers (using nifty Rhyming Dictionary-gotta have one!), must list creating blog-easy, peasey, lemon-squeezy!

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