Monday, December 29, 2008

Can I listen to my music please?

Wii has turned out to be great! You don't even need furniture! I am LoViNg the Fit and Balance Board. I skiied, ski jumped, did aerobics, yoga, and tons of balance games. In aerobics, I hula hooped-how cool is that? It's great for your hips and feels a bit like the hula (The word hula became associated with the toy in the early 1800s when British sailors visited the Hawaiian Islands and noted the similarity between "hooping" and hula dancing. In 1957, an Australian company began making wood rings for sale in retail stores.) Think I can't google?
Anyway, the balance board talking guy says I need to work on balance, so I've been doing more balance games-he wants to know if I want my body to do things, but can't control it! Yeah, I say, like for 30 years or so!
Ethan seems to be better. No throw up, a little moody though, and he has a hoarse voice-from the weird cold that he's had for about 5 weeks now? or from the exertion of the gak coming up the throat...
He's thrilled with his birthday presents, he'd just like to get to play with them. The big kids also find them fascinating. I'll try to load some bday pix down below. I really must take off the messy bedroom picture, I just thought it was hilarious-you know, clean on the outside, crazy on the inside-you know, me. Like uncontrolled balance. : )
Clay loves Lexi (the dog, people!) and she's precious. He doesn't adore her and play with her constantly like he did at first (which is why I insisted we get a dog I thought was adodrable!), cause now she's quite a bit my dog. We cleaned his room from top to bottom, inside-out, and cleared out trash, clutter, and Salvation Army wannabe's. Ches is going this week, and we had to give him stuff to take! His room is, if can stay that way for a couple days...
Mary Claire is WoRKiNg on her room... We got started yesterday, but it'll take until Wednesday to clean under that bed. Her closet, well, another week. She just enjoys life, and doesn't worry about the mess it makes. She doesn't even stress about the mess, and I do admire that about her, and don't think I don't see the irony. She says she'll clean her room, and can she please listen to music? I go up there and she's playing Barbies, or making note cards, or having a tea party, or writing in her journal.. Then she says, I was cleaning this up! heehee Gotta love my girl, messy thing. : )
Lexi-is a very good girl! She's only peeing on paper now, and pooping (nice firm ones!), and back to crunchy food. We give her a tiny handful of Diamond, tiny handful of Iams, and spritz it with water two times with a water bottle. She gobbles it up. Did I mention she has lost THREE teeth now? Apparently it is normal, and I can see the new ones coming in, but weird-o! Make you think you got a lemon! We love our blond lemon-she's a sweetie! She comes out of the laundry room all proud of herself-she knows she's made us happy!! Ok, maybe no more talk of the pee/poop/papers situation....I'll think about it. I must run off the weaker people! My one reader has a strong stomach for all things dog! : o )
Ches is great-rode again yesterday-when I opened the computer, his Garmin software was on the screen-it tracks all his rides, the path/roads, and his time. He's so dedicated. There aren't many dates missing on there! And the ones that are, were when he was in the garage on the trainer-not sure you need to watch yourself stay in the same location for a couple hours! Anyway, way to go, Ches!
Ok, must tend to the yelling, thumping children I hear above the dining room. They Must be Having a Good Time. Hope the pup is up out of the way!


Gigi said...

I love all animals. The people who know me well know that I keep a bit of bread, fruit smiles or crackers (to crush up for bird food) for all the little animals that cross my path as I live my life. Methinks of the little baby grizzly bear in Montana eating my fruit smiles :O) (Where was his Mommy? yikes)

Remember Christmas evening when you went to the movies and me and three kiddies and one little puppy sang and danced? Well, when all was quite and still, the shrimp went into the woods to feed the wild feral cats. They deserve a Christmas feast as well for surviving in such conditions.

This is all assuming I am your ONE reader you are referring to in your blog?

Wow! Bowling was so much fun, tennis a bit confusing, although I used to be so great on the court, but my backhand has died....

Thanks for dinner as well. Southwestern soup, toasted bread, fancy dips, crispy chips make for fun in the evening, as well as the cherry cheesecake! YUMMY!

Holly said...

You're welcome! We had fun! : ) I did stomp in tennis, but you were rockin at bowling!! A 192 is almost not possible. I'z be gettin uz a monogrammed shirt!