Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Tree Lights Not Working?

I was busy complaining about the upper two-thirds of our big Christmas tree lights not working (after we invested in the huge, prelit tree), when Ches decided to let me in on why they pooped out on us. (Go with it, it's just in my vocab lately.) He holds up the cord-see pix to the right-and says that the freakin' fuse has either caught fire or heated up thoroughly enough to BURN a HOLE through the plug!!! (Freakin-my word.) It actually melted the plug end of the extension cord that attached it to the wall. No, I didn't have 18 strands of lights on it, JUST the tree. (So, it's not the same as the front 18 strands that blew my front porch outlet.) This was a fire in action. We turn them on every morning, and turn them off at bedtime. I think maybe it was starting to melt/catch fire when we turned if off two nights ago. And to think, some people leave their lights on all night. Just know, even when they are new, the cords still aren't fireproof. I thought only real trees and old light strands caught fire. Ha! I've been given a lesson.

Does this call for just a letter to the company and a picture of the plug or an attorney to make them recall the trees/lights? I don't want money-apparently I had some amazing angels and saints saying some heavy duty prayers and watching over me, and God spared us-that I believe.
Seriously. He either knew I didn't have the ability to save all the children, and He has more plans for us, or he knew I couldn't handle one more huge thing. Both?

I'll sure be a little less light-y next year.
Take care of your family. : )

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