Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Old People Are Sweet with Cool Meds

I went with my parents, Clay, and Mary Claire south on Hwy 71 a couple hours today to visit my great Aunt Pansy and Uncle Denver. We had fun taking the kids, and they mostly enjoyed the scenery, stories, and big yard. Clay (Mom pointing them out) was fascinated with the dead hawks along the road, the trains, mountains, and the big anthills. While Clay was searching for rocks (destroying the black ant home), he was attacked by ants! He came running in-they were biting him! He had to strip down to his undies out on the porch, so we could shake out the avengers. I stomped on a couple and got him calmed down. We shook out all the clothes, and I don't think a single car drove by the entire time. (Otherwise he would've lost it-the kid's eaten up with modesty!) We went inside to report on the situation, and everyone was very polite not to mention the nakedness. We asked my aunt if she had any Benadryl, and she brought us this cool old package-no doubt manufactured in the 60's or 70's-I didn't even know what to do with it! It was a small tube with green liquid inside, and a gauzy tip. It said to puncture it, but I could NOT figure it out (meanwhile his skin is red and angry). Dad took it, snapped it (think skating rink, and glow-in-the-dark sticks) and it started flowing! We got it soaked into the gauze, and it was thickening. It worked immediately (benzocaine), and he was happy. We had so much left, we hated to see it go to waste. We began to daub it on all of our skin to feel it numb.
The other big highlight was on the way home. Mary Claire had been too high at lunch (289!) to have a dessert, but later she was 87, so we stopped at Braum's on the way back to all have single scoops of Cappuccino Chunky Chocolate on a Waffle Cone (my personal fave, and soon to be my kids). It was pretty much our dinner, but it was amazing....mmmm...I had thought it'd be about 60 grams...boy, was I wrong!!! She was 509 when we were getting off on our exit back in town. Ok, that'd make it about 100 grams of carbs-I was a little off. Ok, that's why we don't ever eat treats! : O (If it makes you feel better, she was 117 at bedtime.) What a crazy life her little blood vessels live!
Still lovin the wii fit-I even got up early to work out before my shower this am (well, couldn't sleep due to the fire evacuation plans going down in my head-see last post!) I got in about 30 minutes-am lovin the Super Hula Hoop and the StepAerobics-Advanced. They are great for getting your heart pumping! In other news, as I weigh in each day...I've gained a couple pounds, so I'm shooting down my two week goal to lose a pound. It keeps asking me what I think my problem is-I'm clicking on snacking (I mean, can't it see the date?? I have uneaten desserts! Mustn't let them go to waste!). So today, before working out (ie weighing), I only had water. Um, yeah. I must've added a pound of water! I was thinking calories...I'm learning.
My oj was all gone today-and Ches went to WM again last night (I was there yesterday buying groceries, but forgot to return the red box video from 3 days ago!! It was $4! shoots down the $1 video coolness.) and he didn't get my oj (didn't know we were out). Sadness all around. He did offer to squeeze some clementines for me. So not the same. (but a precious gesture!) Tonight he's back to the movies (Valkyrie), and getting oj for me!!!! Yay! : ) It's my wake up juice. I only use coffee in the 3-4pm time zone when I'm falling asleep and need serious help starting dinner with toddler on hip, and kids starving and grazing like locusts. It keeps my energy up and keeps me from knawing off an arm (anyone's).
Ok, more random DILO holly! (my new vocab word I learned two days ago!! I can even use it correctly in a sentence!)
ps-Day In the Life Of
pps-Cleaned the Seriously Messy Closet Under the Stairs. Will send pix! (after only)


Gigi said...

The trip down south today was quite fun! The big kids (MC & Clay) soak up knowledge like a sponge. Our word for the day was 'foreign' with a silent 'g'. MC sketched my route for a visit to Bogota, Columbia on her Map of the World and I simply cannot wait to make that magic happen.

Our visiting loved ones not seen in a long while was wonderful for each of us. They know how to love unconditionally with a deep joy in their hearts. Both our Aunt and Uncle were born in 1919. Can you imagine the history they have experienced living through the great depression as well the modern technological advances they themselves enjoy?

Our dear Aunt lovingly explains her daily life, her continued sadness in losing her precious daughter much too early in her life, her happiness this Christmas as every member of her immediate family joined in for a joyous day of catching up on family festivity, and we learn that no matter how far away we are, or how close we are, that her love is always with us.

What stories they could tell if only we had more time to spend with them..

As I left her, she gave me a hug, then reached for me again and squeezed me so tightly, I didn't even know she had that kind of strength, and told me with certainty, "I want to give you a bear hug, so you know you have REALLY been hugged and I love you so much".

With that, she unlocked her freezer of 'great delights' and gave me a freshly frozen quart of strawberry jam.

I smiled happily all the way home. Love is always there, but sometimes we simply need to reach out and enjoy it.

The Ware's said...

Hi Holly! Just catching up on all your adventures - I'll have to fill you in on our trip to FL - been interesting this time! We head home on Friday morning... :o)Happy New Year - hard to believe it's almost 2009!!

Holly said...

Yes, Adventures is a perfect word! : ) It's a crazy life, but I wouldn't miss the ride!
Hope Florida was warm and sunny. I could use some heat about now! It's been about 34 degrees! I think it's going to be warmer Friday-up to 55. I just freeze. It's now 2009.. The kids were asking how long till 2010 two days ago, and I thought and said 367 days. Weird, huh!? That used to seem soooo far into the future!
Happy New Year to you too! : ) Drive carefully, and thanks for staying in touch!