Friday, December 26, 2008

Busy, Much?

Do I even need to say it? Busy-yep, that's the word.
Pup update: She's now going on papers when we put them down in the laundry room, gate her in, and tell her to go. She whimpers and whines after she's done, and is pretty proud of herself! She has lost 3 teeth-weird. I was super worried at first, but she's got two more double-teeth, so she may lose more. (Clay once had double teeth when he refused to pull the baby tooth, and the new one came right on in. We said we'd pull it and he'd get money, or we'd pay the dentist to do it-guess what he chose?) She also hasn't eaten much today. : ( I just worry, she has NO weight to lose.
EThan update: Now has fever (102.9 on IBU), and has thrown up. The OnLy place he's been is to Children's Mass on Christmas Eve. So, he's gathered germs somewhere... and the low immunity after pneumonia and using the orapred must have opened the door for a disgusting virus. The saga continues...
We gave him his birthday present early today (a motorized John Deere tractor and trailer), and he was so excited! I'm really glad we did, because tomorrow may be horrible if he's still sick. Poor kid.
Mary Claire update: She had glorious desserts on Christmas Eve and Christmas (and I had to change her pump site). Even today she's been down to 67, and up to 336. Ugh. She had a sugar cookie when she was low, and I only allowed the frosting for the low (gave insulin for the cookie part after 15 minutes), and she still hit 336. Powerful frosting.
She's been licking her upper lip (up to her nose-who can do that?) and now has a chapped upper lip/Kool-aid look going on. She and Clay both have colds or allergies to the aforementioned pup. They are on Zyrtec, but I don't know if it's enough.
She got a Barbie cruise ship,and loves it-it's renewed her love for all things Barbie. My dad put all the stickers on it on Christmas, and Ethan pulled one off today, and she cried. I gave her the ok to lock her doors when she's not in there. I do understand. I had a little brother. I don't remember him peeling stickers, but I never had any fancy Barbie accoutrements. I made a cool Barbie house out of a cardboard box, and made the furniture with more cardboard-I was creative. Can you say early home decorating?
She created her Mii on the Wii, and it was so cute. She also went thru the fitness tests on the Wii Fit, and it said she needed to work on balance. It's so cool-it explains the things we need to stay healthy, and I'd never thought of balance. I also didn't do so well on balance!
Clay update: Little less adoring of the pup, Lexi for now, who has pooped on his quilt (yesterday-washed by bedtime), on his sheets and mattress pad-6am this morning (only remade the bed at bedtime again-think BuSy!), then just now slimy poop on the quilt again. Ugh. Now she's in my bathrooom with a baby gate up, WHIMPERING!! I figured she'd wake Ethan if I locked her in Clay's bathroom or in her crate in his room, so we won the lottery tonight. He's very excited about his two new Lego kits (dinosaurs and Indiana Jones), and his circuits kit, and the Wii. Sometimes his sportsmanship is not so good. We'll work on that.
Me update (or should I say Mii??!) ok, love the Wii! I didn't get a chance to use it till Christmas afternoon. I did my fitness test on the wii fit, and I did well, except for balance!! WHo knew?? Then I did these skills tests for balance-very cool-I was a ball and I had to lean around on the balance board to get my ball to go into the floating (think golf course) surface's hole. It got progressively harder-first one ball, then two... I made it only up to five balls, but that was almost impossible. You are trying to get one ball in, and meanwhile all the others are moving around, and some just fall off. I can say it's hard. Not strenuous, but frustrating! Later, Ches and I played tennis (I won twice) and baseball (I totally suck at hitting!), boxed (won one, lost one), and bowled (I totally rocked!). It was fun! I was hot and thirsty. I actually felt like I'd had a workout! That's what I wanted. : ) I could've done so much better had I not had on my cute jeans and all my jewelry (shiny new Brighton brown crystal crosses with silver-uber cute gift from Ethan. Yes, he picked them out last time we were there in October!). Anyway, hard to box the crap out of your husband in shiny adorable jewelry.
I have done seven loads of laundry today (still not done-two more to go)-bedding, clothes, more bedding, and throw up clothes and towels. Thank you, God, for my laundry room and my washer and dryer. I love my working machines. : ) I reorganized Mary Claire's meters, supplies, and pump supplies, wiped a puppy butt and feet a few times, cuddled and rewarded Lexi for making pee and poop on the papers-Yay, Lexi!! : ) Umm..cleaned up more Christmas dishes and silverware (unused ones still on table!), held my precious sick baby for not enough time and rubbed his head and ran my fingers thru his hair till he drifted off twice. Just perfect. I made it to Wal-Mart to buy non-Christmas dinner food as I can't eat any more, rented The Women from Red Box (it's been playing for 46 minutes, but I forgot to turn on the tv, so I've not seen any yet...), saw Marley and Me last night-awesome!! The dog was hilarious, the family was sweet and realistic, and the writer, John Grogan, is obviously very good.
Ches update: Currently he's out for a bike ride. We have unbelievably (Seriously, HaRd to believe!) weather here. It's 65 degrees. He didn't get in his two hours of bike riding the past two days, so he's catching up. It does concern me, but he has his new reflective jersey on (New, so it hasn't been overwashed by me so as to fade the reflective properties as I don't lay them flat to dry-who has time?) He also stomped me in boxing and baseball, but my BMI was fairly close to his, so we're even. He was actually surprised I think! It says if you are under 22, you are healthy and have less chance of being sick. (woo-hoo! Something going for me!) Anyway, he was holding Ethan during the Throw Up, so he's my hero. He tried to give him a bath, but he was too weak, so he got in the shower with him, then held Ethan in the closet floor till Ethan fell asleep. I found them in there when I got home from Wal-Mart. Did I mention I go there most every day?-of course I'm serious. I don't joke about Wal-Mart and life-threatening illnesses. Back to the throw up-so, I washed all of Ches' clothes, Ethan's clothes, the towels, etc., cleaned the bathroom, then held Ethan for a while. He finally wanted to get dressed. He watched tv, then bed for a while... See next post!

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