Friday, January 12, 2018

En Route

December 26, 2017

It’s been a sweet few months.  Our babies are all growing up so fast!

We went to Universal Studios a couple days before the ride in Amelia Island, FL! 

Our family rode in the 2017 JDRF Ride to Cure in Amelia Island, Florida in October.  We trained this year (I started in February on a new Trek Emonda bike!), and we rode most every day with long trips with the kids on the weekends. : )

Team Arkansas that rode in the 2017 JDRF Ride to Cure!  (I had no idea this would end up being our only team photo..and we didn't have our practice jerseys on yet!)

My two very best cheerleaders!!

We rode to Chick-Fil-A in Rogers and Fayetteville, and Ches and I rode to the CFA in South Fayetteville.  Ches and I also rode in the Square2Square ride from the Bentonville Square to the Fayetteville Square! (31 miles)  I actually got lots of time to ride with friends, Springdale Bike Club, Mary Claire, and my pro rider husband! : )

Starting Square 2 Square with Ches!
And finishing in 100 degree heat! : )

We also had to fundraise like crazy for four of us to get to ride!  There is a $2000 minimum per person to ride, and the deposit was due in July ($750 each).  So we were nervous about the commitment to both ride and fundraise! 

Mary Claire's Jersey..she pinned on her own number..big girl.

We had a swimming Mother’s Day Out/babysitting day, we washed and cleaned cars, auctioned donated items online, and I decorated.  We also had really sweet friends give with nothing in return.  I have to say $8000 was a huge goal, but we did it!  We are so thankful, and the kids had a blast.  Mary Claire got off at the end and said she wants to do it again..and go farther!  I totally agreed. 
About 7:15am, ready to ride!

We aren’t sure what we’ll do next year.  The ride locations have been released, but it was SUPER hard for the kids to miss school.  There is one before school starts in early August in Lacrosse, Wisconsin, but they don’t want to go to that one!  I’d love to do the one in Saratoga Springs, NY, but they aren’t game.  If we do one..I think it’ll be in Santa Fe, New Mexico, November 1-4th.  We could drive, and maybe only miss a couple days of school : )
He did an amazing job, 55 miles with no problem!  He's ready to go again!

Today we are still en route to Alexandria, Virginia/Washington D.C.  We left Nashville, Tennessee this morning!  I’ve been shocked to see so many wrecks along the way. : O  And traffic just all slams to a halt.  We even had a gigantic (full) trash bag fly at us!

Animal Kingdom before the ride!

I think I’m going to try to write more in 2018.  It was a good journal for me, and it helped tremendously when I lost a lot of pictures a couple years ago.  Some photos on here are all I have left after my computer crashed!  I’m sure it helps my memory..and it’s therapeutic too : )

Us meeting Ches at the finish line!  We'd already finished, swam, ate lunch, and then we went to meet him-105 miles!!

I found out a little bit ago that some sweet friends didn’t do anything for Christmas day.  I’m going to do better next year-planning for Christmas, and checking in with everyone to see what they are doing.  They could hang out with us in our chaos! ; ) It should be more people, fewer things and tasks.  I did better not stressing as much this year!  I did less decorating, and I got help from people after I cut my fingers/stitches (oh yeah!  Blessing in disguise?  Maybe!)!  But I didn’t reach out as much..I kinda felt helpless with a left hand out of commission.
Me and a tomato can had a small altercation..

Praying you had a good Christmas and a enjoy a blessed 2018.  Hugs!

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