Friday, September 1, 2017

Gatsby, Bike Ride, and a Bulletin Board!

I've been listening to podcasts lately..and a recent one (NPR TED Radio Hour), was on time (8/4/17), and how it slips by so quickly!  There's a man taking a one second video every day (and he has been for three years!) to keep track of where all his days went.  I feel that way a LOT with a busy life and four active kids.  I feel like my days run together, and I can't remember what I've been tackling lately!  I will try ("try not, only do" says Yoda) to do better.  Even if it's just a picture a day. : )

Yesterday, I worked on our church youth bulletin board.  It's almost time to start back to class and youth group! : ) I had extra little Hawaiian themed things from our neighborhood bike rodeo on July 4th, so I was trying to work water/ocean into back to school.  All the places where the cut border was overlapped..I covered with bright pictures, haha!  The flyers aren't in the folder yet..but they will be! : )

Today Ches, Mary Claire, and I went for a bike ride up to Starbucks (and Ches got a drink from Chick-Fil-A!) in Rogers.  Then he and I caught a movie, I had a little nap, and we went out to dinner for BBQ and a trip to Wal-Mart.  (Obviously the beginning of my birthday weekend!)  Hope you have a blessed Labor Day weekend! : )

And..apparently I forgot to write about our puppy, Gatsby!!  I think we got him about August 4th.  He was tiny and super cute.  He is now much bigger, and after grooming..less cute, ha!  He is a GiAnT fluff ball! : )

Here are some pictures from the beginning:

Time goes so fast!  I'll do better.  Stay dry and safe, hugs!

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