Sunday, January 14, 2018

Advocating for Insulin

Today I got groceries (Walmart Grocery Pickup!), made the BEST chocolate chip cookies (my personal favorites!), took Mary Claire to make dinner at the Ronald McDonald House, and fought with my insurance over insulin. : O  Oh! ..and visited my mom, dropped off my sweet Gatsby to spend the night ..and Ches took Ethan over there to stay too..and Clay took his car by to let Dad check it out for a second opinion!

So.. this insulin thing.  I'm beyond frustrated this week..and especially today.  I hate having to fight for everything.  For benefits, for equality, and this week just for insulin. 

The current going rate for insulin pens (Novolog OR Humalog) is $670 per box (5 pens).  Tell me how this isn't gouging the system and the public.  And our family.  I picked up four boxes today that I had to really work just to get.

Back story: beginning January 1st our insurance company decided they wouldn't cover Novolog anymore.  How they can determine the best insulin for my child..I have no idea.  I fought back on the strips they won't cover since they work with the meter/pump/CGM..the verdict is still out.  But insulin..heck, I'll give it a try.  

I called our endocrinologist to get a new script Monday.  I got to speak to a NURSE (human!) when I called.  I felt giddy, excited, thankful, amazed..and I thanked her for actually answering the phone.  (Cause this never happens!)  She said she'd call in the new prescription for Humalog.  

It was premature excitement.

Tuesday..I called the pharmacy, and no new script.  No insulin.

Wednesday..I called the pharmacy, and no new script.  No insulin.  I asked them to run the Novolog (still had 8 refills on it!)  to see if there was a grace period and maybe could fill it.  Nope..wrong formulary...not approved.

They said they'd send a fax requesting a new prescription for Humalog for both kids. insulin. insulin.

Saturday..I'm about to lose it (secretly crying in frustration and passive aggression).  I texted our endocrinologist asking him to PLEASE (for the love of God and my children) to call us in some Humalog. (Since $670 a box isn't really in my budget post fun Christmas and vacation!) (or ever).  He says he'll do it immediately.

Hours later, my pharmacy is getting ready to close..another call to them..and surprise!  No new script.  Losing my mind and patience.  I text again, Please?!  

Finally, insulin called in to a different pharmacy that stays open later on Saturday and open on Sundays.

I get there today, and they give me a hard time (they don't see me three times a week for different prescriptions..), they ask if I realize this is new insulin I haven't filled before (ha!), and there's a big new copay.  

I paid and left..calling my insurance as I got into my car.

Massive run around..I can't even type the whole story.  They have backed out of coverage, unenrolled me from a program..didn't tell me about it..I'm stressed..cry in the parking lot of the RMH as I get back to help Mary Claire finish dinner.

Diabetes isn't just taking care of blood sugars.  It's a whole world of litigation, rights, benefits, finance, management, administration, education, and a little magic drug called insulin.

Hugs to all you insulin users, I get you, fam.

The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears them; He delivers them from all their troubles.
The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.

Psalm 34: 17-18

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