Sunday, July 19, 2015

Son of a Baconator

Humming along..  We are settled in well, I think. : )  Our goal is Washington, PA, today, and we are only about an hour and a half away!  (Seven hours down!) Yippee!

This morning I told Ethan to just wear his jammies down to breakfast, but alas..momma's just don't know what they're talking about.  He dressed before, and wham!  Maple syrup all over his shirt.  He's now wearing his jammy shirt.  Do you call that karma?  I'm not even sure.  

I pack one carry-on size suitcase full of toiletries/jewelry and one full of just pajamas and our clothes for one night while we are traveling (hotel hopping).  So at the hotel, we only have to unload two small suitcases.  Last night, a momma fail:  Carter still wears a diaper for bedtime, and I left those in the huge suitcase (at the bottom of the trunk). extra clothes for syrup spills!

Yes, we could have unloaded, but we didn't.  Places to go and all.  (His new tshirt for pajamas is Minecraft, so he's happy enough, ha!) 

An hour ago we stopped at a rest stop since Carter was yelling for a bathroom, and I have evidence that he went.  On me.  On a couple appendages.  And phalanges.  And a shoe.  Sooo..when you go into a family bathroom, and the floor is'll know that yes, it probably is what you think it is.  It's a super good thing that God made it sterile.  Otherwise I'd be screaming louder.  Except that when I googled just now..I learned it's not>  And why are there no paper towels in there?  I had to wipe up with toilet paper.  (Cheap, thin, need-a-mile-of-it toilet paper!)

Children teach us patience.  And humility.  And humor.  (Like the time we had to order a Son of a Baconator at Wendy's for Ethan..oh yeah, that was yesterday.)  I didn't get it till I heard it out loud.  Ok, Wendy's teaches us humor too.

We've survived with no XM radio.  (I let them go..they'd raised the price every few months, and I told them I could do without.  They didn't believe me, but I'm proving it.  And ok, yes, it hurts a little.)  Ches was super-missing the 80's countdown, so I added a Best of the 80's Pandora radio station he was semi-happy with..  Only thing is, we remember the 1980's differently, and he wants to thumb up the ones I don't like (but thank goodness he thumbed down Toto's Africa and Kyrie Eleison..I just can't stand them!) (maybe because they overplayed them?), and thumb down the ones I like.  Boo/hiss.  He prefers Journey, and when I hear the Eagles I'm all yay!!  ..And he thumbs them down.  He swears they're a seventies band, but mmm..good memories.  I was totally still listening to them in the 80's, and even now. : )

It's been raining on us most of the day, I guess we chased down the rain as it moved east!  It's not been too bad, no glare and we haven't needed sunglasses. : )

Gotta go, baby awake, and not too happy.  Kids are getting loud, giggly, and excited!  Dinner is sooo close, and we're starving! : )


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