Thursday, July 30, 2015

Bittersweet at the Boardwalk

The last beach day is always bittersweet.  We have fun, lots of sun (and we appreciate it), have our last pizza and fries at Angelo's, take our last bit of sand (and ironically take showers to wash it all off), return the rented bike, have our last dinner with family, go down to the boardwalk for rides with cousins, and then..we say goodbye.

Ches said it was hard returning the bike this year.  He rode Carter back to the beach house for me to bathe, then he took the bike back.  He said the empty seat was hard.  He'll be four and a half next year..and may not want to take up beach time for bike riding. : (

He took his only nap on the last day.  He actually said he wanted to go back to take a nap. (!!)  Sissy rested with him. : )

Just beginning our evening at the boardwalk! : )

Ethan on his favorite-bumper cars!  I think he likes running into people.  I have to remember this in eight years!

Boys.  Making faces at me.

Ches took one (or three!) for the team and rode the train again..and again..and again. : )

Love them.

They smiled!!!!

So..I was going to post all of was kinda hilarious.  We tried about 8 times, and no one would stop walking long enough for us to get ONE family shot!  On our last night there!  We had Ethan making faces, Carter reaching down Ches' shirt, and these people kept totally photobombing us.  Like their heads in the picture as they walked right through.  So.. this is all we have. ; )  I guess it's kinda like life. could be worse.  I mean, just think if Igor hadn't been facing the right way.

Hope you are having a great summer, and your kids are finding cool stuff to write about on the first day back to school, ha!  ..Uh-oh.  We want them to say good things.  You still have a couple weeks!  ..Hugs! 

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