Monday, July 27, 2015

Diabetes Takes a Backseat

Once upon a time there were four young children (and two extras named Diabetes 1 & 2 that followed them around).  They laughed, splashed, and danced in the white-capped waves.  They pretended the extras didn't matter.  That they were untouchable.

The sweeties would take off all their machinery, tubing, plug up the holes in their tender flesh, and they would r-u-n.  The salty ocean and its heavy-handed waves were calling out to them.  (and the sand was a bit h-o-t.)

Sometimes they longed to just b-e.  To be alone with their thoughts, no beeping, no vibrating, no momma reminding them to check or bolus or ask how they were feeling.  

Finding shells is so soul-soothing.  Touching the sea-rounded shapes that have touched the ocean floor can calm their hearts and minds in minutes.

Just something calming about seeing the broken Reese's wrapper-like black ribbed mussel shells buried in sand, lifting, and rinsing them.

Then grinning at the momma documenting your vacation, your relaxing, your growth.

And then the four..they make friends, find others relaxing and appreciating the sand and they, with their full hearts and calm minds, share.  Share sand and tools and even the sandy piles and holes.

They are laying out and taking it all in: the warm sun and the rhythmic surf of water hitting land.  Only God could create land and water..and have them wash together, but never merge into one.  Taking in the convergence.

The littlest one, he could play in the sand a.l.l. d.a.y--rub it in his face, eat it, pour it on his hair, and roll in it.  Never too much sand.  It's therapeutic.

And then they need to fill their little bellies, and check their blood, and they remember the two extras.  One kept her pump on today in the sand, and the one in the surf didn't.  He plugs in and devours french fries and hot crispy pizza.  They fuel up for the rest of the afternoon..soul-soothing and body surfing require energy.

And then the four and their family meet up with more extended family for a big spaghetti dinner complete with cannoli and lawn darts.  Who wants to go inside when you have a cool evening breeze, freshly showered bodies, fluffy hair drying, and cousins.  Not these four, this moment will only last a short time.

This, the eldest, wants no part of documenting history, he wants back to his lawn darts and his cousins.  He is growing and maturing and sowing his oats.  He learns at the shore too..just some different things.

Their cousin?  He's already learned these lessons, he's older now.  Willing to document his history.  They'll all get there.  Time, we learn to take the time we need. 

Not focused on the extras..just being themselves..and enjoying one another.

But still some hiding.  Until they are ready.  

Thankful for the days the extras take a back seat. : )  Does my momma heart good to see them playing in the sand and sun.  Hugs, y'all!

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