Friday, November 23, 2012

Jump, Swim, Shop!

Happy Thanksgiving..and happy black Friday! ; )

Hope you had a beautiful day yesterday with those you love.  And hope you had mostly fun memories! ; ) haha!  We drove to Branson last night to do a little black Friday shopping last night and this morning, and it was good overall.  I forget to lower my expectations when it's all of us, and on the road for more than 20 minutes!  It rained/stormed almost the entire way, and Carter wasn't happy (yep, still hates that car seat!).  Then, last night we all stayed in one room (no Residence Inn there!) sleeping wasn't going to go smoothly.  I just have to remember that it's part of the experience.

We did get good sales, and had fun together.  The kids swam last night, and we did a little practice on our ESP (don't you always think you can SEND a thought?  just for fun!), and more shopping today.  I like it when they pick out things that aren't for themselves..bonus.  Thinking of others! 
Mary Claire was high when we got ready to swim-over 350!  We'd stopped by Krispy Kreme (since they were hot now!) on the way to the hotel, so there were donuts waiting for her..  She was motivated.  When she got back from swimming, she was 70.  No kidding.  Even with her pump off.  I asked her how that was possible, and she told me she'd spent the entire time doing laps around the pool!  Bless her heart.  Few things can be so a little sprinkly donut. ; )

And Carter..he is seven and a half months already!  He has cut three teeth, and now when he babbles, you can see the bottom two. ; )  The second one on top is almost can see the thin skin over it.  And-he sits up!  I know it's been a couple weeks, but he's great at it now.  He can sit in a grocery cart, high chair, and in his bath tub. ; )  He says dada a lot, makes smacky kisses, and will hug your head, and kiss your face!  (which feels a lot like being licked). haha!  
And, he's getting ready to crawl.  He can bury his head, and push his feet/knees to get moving.  He just needs to get that head up off the floor!  I'm not going to spend my days teaching that his mobility is getting closer, I'm more nervous.  ..Christmas tree season is upon us!

He's just so cuddly and sweet.  We are just adoring him.  Here's a link to a video of him jump-jump-jumping!
Speaking of..he's waking up, so I have to hurry!  Hoping you can find blessings where you are.  It sure brings peace to your heart! : )


Jen Snow said...

We just got back from Branson. Did Friday/Saturday. I forget every year how bad the crowds are. I forget the cruizin' for a parking spot to open up. But, we were at the Grand Country Inn so the kids were lovin' it. Faith had to get a talking to just to get her off the slides so we could leave this afternoon. I did get a little shopping done. Kinda' getting in the Christmas spirtit. Kinda!! Glad you guys had fun too!

Holly said...

We did have fun! I wish we'd seen you there! : ) There was TOTAL traffic. Ches dropped me off at some stores when it was awful. But..the sales were good! Hope you guys had a great break!!