Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thankful for these little turkeys!

I'm so thankful I'm not filled with grief and stress over the fact that I'm not posting daily after I pledged to..heehee ..cause I got all these kids, ya'll!  I'm having fun with them on their field trips (to Little Rock!), 
I must say, I'm super thankful the weather was awesome that day!  And she had a good day overall, even though a good friend (we'll call friend A) didn't want to be her partner (after she rode with us!) and the other that rode with us (friend B) didn't want to be her partner out of fear the friend A would be mad at both of them.  Tough being ten.  And can I say..tough being the mom to a ten-year-old?

On the second floor, getting the tour.

Hunt Husky Fifth Grade Class, 2012-2013

At our capitol building, Little Rock, Arkansas.
and at their Halloween Parties, and their intern teachers going away parties, and their scout stuff, and "picture" shopping for their Christmas and our three upcoming birthdays..I digress.

But I'm thankful for a (#6) turkey roasting, (#7) for the baseball cards I'm listing on Ebay (and that they've brought my husband and kids closer..and I guess me since I'm listing!)
(#8) my baby sleeping peacefully while the big kids play monopoly and make tents, (#9) for the home that has housed us safely and warmly for 7.25 years thus far, (#10) for the new family who wants to start memories in our comfy home and give us the opportunity to build a new family home, and (#11) the grace and confidence God has placed in us to figure out how to move and transition our family of six to a new location (and a transitional location in the meantime!).

I think when you've prayed and prayed about something, and God begins to (actually) move, it is both frightening and humbling.  HE hears us, and He waits for just the appropriate time to begin the fall of the dominoes.

Am I READY for what I've asked for?  Whew.  I wanted His word on the subject, and I have it.  My house was not for sale.  Yet, it's under contract.  I think..if that's not God moving..I'm not sure what is! ; )

Thankful yet again,


Jen Snow said...

Oh, my!! It's under contract?? Do you know where you are wanting to build? So many questions now! :) There are times when it is perfectly clear it's a God thing!

NikDuck said... have been busy with all those kids! Looks like fun field trip, but girls are so mean aren't they? I have a couple boxes under our bed filled with baseball cards that I have been threatening for years to put on ebay! How did you convince your husband to let you do that?!