Monday, November 5, 2012

More thankfulness.

Today I'm thankful for my baby daddy!  He works hard for our family, and he makes sure we have what we need.  I can tell sometimes he is tired of some of the more monotonous work he does, but he keeps going.  He knows the value of insurance for our family, and he'd never let anything get between us and the doctors and medicine we need (especially those outrageous insulin pens!).

He likes to take us on vacation and out to dinner.  He likes to play cards at dinner.  He orders us "pillows" (zeppoli) for dessert.

He is willing to help coach baseball when everyone else is busy.  He goes on long bike rides with the boys.  He takes Mary Claire for daddy-daughter date nights.  He says prayers with our family.  He takes wonderful care of our yard..even when the Japanese beetles are feasting on our crepe myrtles or our ivy begins to take over the windows.  He even fishes snakes and frogs and spiders out of the pool when the rest of us are FREAKING out!  (even that humongous 5" spider!!)

He takes us to see the Statue of Liberty, even when it's an entire day trip, a ferry ride, and a hundred degrees.

And..even lets our kids do wild things that scare me. ; )
Clay.  And his high-flying trampoline flips.
And he makes sure we get date nights for fun time a-l-o-n-e!  We have made a point not to forget where we started.  It'll matter so much in another 20 years. ; )

Thank you for loving me, and my babies!  Especially when we can be exhausted and unlovable. ; )  Love you, honey! xoxo


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