Sunday, November 4, 2012

Thankful Starts Here

Thankful November!  I'm going to get better at posting my thankfulness every day this month : )

For my first four days...I'm thankful for my four sweet kiddos.  I know, they are easy-peasy.
Following the yellow brick road...Halloween 2012
I'm thankful that Clay made it here safe and sound after my preeclampsia, being five weeks early, and only four pounds.  He's so tough!  He did another 25 mile bike ride today with his boy scout troop today.  He never gets tired.  And he's full of information.  He can remember anything he reads, and tell you about it a couple years later.  Whew!  I'm so proud of him!

I'm thankful for Mary Claire and her perseverance-that girl could give up at any time, but never does.  I'd mentally check out if someone kept telling me to check my blood...but she keeps going.  God bless her.  And her attitude?  Almost always PoSiTiVE!!  Wowza.  Love that girl!

I'm thankful for Ethan.  That kid is absolutely all heart, manners, and a wallop of brains.  He can navigate social situations, and is incredibly skilled at it!  He is inquisitive, loves, and is so very sweet.  I can't say enough how he uses his nice manners (and even surprises me sometimes with his sorry's and thank you's).  He is so precious and loveable!
Be very flowers are ALiVE!  (how they do dat?  humidity in the air?)
I'm thankful for Carter.  Boy, am I glad he's finally here.  It's like I knew he was waiting up in Heaven for us.  He just took longer than the rest of them!  He is the most precious, huggable, smiley baby.  And his latest feat?  Bounce, bounce, bouncing in his jumpy thing.  He has brought the most joy to our family.  I love the way they all love on him.  Love that bundle!

Sometimes if I get stressed that they are lots of work (what with all that laundry they make, their events/practices, homework, messy rooms, teeth brushing monitoring, crumbing my van, etc.), I realize that I'd be sitting around doing nothing.  I'd be bored wishing I had kids. (like I did for so many years!)  So..I've really started enjoying the busyness.  It's the way the current of my life is going, and I'll sleep when they go to college..or have their own kids?...or maybe when I'm underground.  Just not now, I have better stuff to do!

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courtney said...

you're going to do it too:)
i *love* the costumes! that little lion! and the scarecrow!