Monday, September 12, 2011

Knock, Knock!

I'm too lazy to upload all the cute pictures of my sweet boys playing ball this weekend..and tball tonight.  I'm tired!

And I got a message while we were at the ball field...  Someone rang my neighbor's doorbell, and when he went to answer it (he was right by the door), they took off running, threw a beer bottle at the street light (missed!), and ran into the "woods" (vacant lots between us).  Then, when our neighbor attempted to follow them into the woods, they started throwing big rocks and branches out!  So..they called the police.

She wanted to make sure it wasn't one of our kids (ha!), before she called the police (well..I've called the police on her sister's car now we call each other first! haha!).  When we got home, there were police cars here, and we all went out to "conference". ; )  The policemen went out into the woods with flashlights, but no sign of the guy(s).  At the bottom of the hill/woods, there is a drainage ditch (the reason no one has built on that lot!), so they probably made it to the ditch and took off out of the neighborhood.  Scary!  We used to have lots of break-ins, but it's been a while.  Now, we have our guard up again. (should I thank 15 to 22-year-old-scary-guy?)

And?  I went to the doctor today!  And...the heart is still beating! : )  Another week under my belt.  So thankful.  Super thankful for weekly ultrasounds and peace of mind.  Thankful for prayers for our tiny life growing.  Thankful for today, and the chance to do it "right" this time.  (I know, I know, but I have to think I have some control! ; )  If I wasn't so exhausted I'd show you an ultrasound picture of the tiny bean and its halo.  (it's really the yolk sack, but it looks like a big halo over the head. ; )  I promise I'll get it on..

Praying for you and your tiny lives too.  For another day of accomplishment. : )  We forget what a victory it is to make it through with our family for another day!  I am not taking it for granted. ; )  Hugs, ya'll!

ps- T minus 12 days till our Northwest Arkansas Arkansas Walk to Cure Type 1 Diabetes!  Not too late to join us or donate!  Here is our link!! : )


Stacy said...

Holly! Congratulations on the baby!! I have been pre-occupied lately and am just catching up!! You are going to be one busy mama! Mary Claire will be a great big sister!

Heidi / D-Tales said...

Oops! You called the cops on your neighbor's sister?! He he!

Keeping you and your "tiny bean" in my thoughts and prayers!

Jules said...

Wow that's some scary stuff. Don't open the door!

Anonymous said...

Ewe's not lazy, ewe's purr-fect!!

Hallie Addington said...

I have been completely out of loop since school started and I went back to work. But.... OMGsh! I am SOOOOOOOOOO happy for you! Congrats!!! I will be praying for you and your bean! :). So happy!

Ps- I wanna see your shirts!! :)

Holly said...

Stacy-thanks! Mary Claire is SO excited!! : )
Heidi-I know, I can suck. We can't park in the street, and her sister's car was in the street, and it looked someone was in there spying on our houses (parked between houses by the empty lot), long story..
Jules-I know, we've all been on heightened alert since then!! : O
Hallie-Thank YOU! : ) I'll post my shirt pix, but I can't guarantee it'll stay that way, we are on version two! (and take 22!) ; )