Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sugar Free Rewards!

Sweet, sweet day. (But sugar-free!) ; )

I had a meeting yesterday with Mary Claire's grade level teachers about her diabetes and what to watch for, i.e. lows, highs, and the symptoms.  I cried (not surprised?) when we talked about the reality of dying faster from lows than highs, pulled it together again, and we talked about management of lows and highs, field trips, and treats.

Her sweet teacher gives out rewards to the kids, and she'd bought special "sugar-free" candy for Mary Claire...except that it was 17 grams of sugar alcohol!  That stuff is brutal on a child!  You still count half the carbs, but you have to set a dual-wave bolus because it'll come back later to bite you...and it causes gas and diarrhea! : (  So, I didn't tell her that exactly, just that there really are sugar-free foods low in carbs that don't cause tummy pain. ; )

She asked me to make a list, and I had to go overboard...and make her a gift basket! (well, for my daughter...)  I was looking for a clear paint bucket..but our local stores have quit selling them!  But a trip to Target later-and I found something close enough.  It was in the bath section (love clear!), and it was the perfect size.  I'd been debating between getting a basket and monogramming the liner or just making a ribbon handle with stamped words...decisions, decisions. ; )
I think the key is lots of colors all jumbled together.  And no black or brown, unless you do a black/red or brown/blue type scheme.  ..hey, that'd be great for a team gift! : )
I decided to decorate the handle with jillions of ribbons! (my favorite!) Then I added all the sugar-free stuff I bought: Extra key lime pie and strawberry shortcake SF gum, Trident watermelon gum, tic tacs, Extra orange and mint chocolate chip gum (wonderful, if you've never tried it!! But they were sold out of 3-packs!  And..these new Icebreakers in Bubble Breeze (not guaranteed to give you date-worthy breath..unless your date is 15), and more fruity tic-tacs.  Just lots of little treats that are 2 grams of carbs or under...requiring NO insulin! : )   Now, that's a treat!

and it needed a cute tag!  This is from a set I got from Stampin' Up!  I printed the writing on cardstock, then stamped over it (yes, I made three to get it off the bird's head!), then used the shaped punch and layered it.  And it is clipped with the most darling teensy clothespin! : )
And..Mary Claire forgot to take it to school this morning. : (  So, I took it when I went to check her out to take her to the orthodontist to....get her braces off!!
This is how she smiled right after she got her braces on, so no big surprise.

After some coaxing...I got this! : )  Not all her teeth, but shiny, straight, white teeth! (and a flashy new pink/black retainer she's very proud of...and a new sound: constant sucking of spit.)  Joy!
All in all, a good day.  There's so much more, but I never have time!  We had baseball and teeball practice, shared a van for both (at the same time!!), and enjoyed some Sonic, and got supplies for baby shower invitations.  I'm sure you'll see them soon. ; )  I also have a contest coming up for some fun software, and...I'll leave you with this.  Have you always wondered how Barbie's family fits together?  Here is what I found on my fridge:
A graphical chart of Barbie's sisters, with ages.  Kelly, 6   Stacy, 10   Skipper, 13   and Barbie, 20  How did she figure ages?  I'm guessing by body type?  At least she realizes Barbie isn't 13!! : )  (Oh, and they are doing gymnastics.  The first two are doing jumps touching their toes, SKipper is on a balance beam, and Barbie is um..dancing?  cheering for them?  shaking her hips?)


Tracy1918 said...

Wow! The basket was a great idea. And yay! Braces off. We need to get Matthew braces soon.....

Heidi / D-Tales said...

Oh, Holly, I have missed you and reading about your family and your projects!

You've done it again. This basket is so cute!!! Your creativity amazes me. I wish I had an ounce of your creativity.

The Mom said...

"Happy Birthday to you".

"Happy Birthday to you"

"Happy Birthday Dear Holly"

Happy Birthday to you and many more on Channel 4"

Love you Sweetie xoxoxox

Holly said...

Thanks, Tracy! She'll have them again..but not for a couple years! (till she gets her 12 year molars in!)

Heidi-I've missed you too!! : ) You do have it..maybe you don't give it time? ; )

Mom..thank you!! We had fun today! thanks!! : ) hugs!