Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Need Colon Blow?

I was cleaning out the bottom drawer of the refrigerator looking for meat for kids' lunches..and check out all the cheese that was stopping up my drawer! (and my colon!)
A little too much, ya think?
So, after lunches, I have gotten busy!  I have worked on the girl scout bags for bridging-and I'm so happy with them!  They don't close permanently (like with the little cellophane baggies), so the girls can reuse the bags! : )

Their little girl scout bags! : )

I used two scrapbook papers, white for the tag, and pink tulle for the bow!
And then..feeling crafty, I made a new zipper pouch for my new purse!!  I got a gift card from Brighton, so I got a new purse with it on Sunday! : )  ..and I needed a new little insert for all my cards/bandaids/earbuds/gift cards/nail clippers/strips/lancets/alcohol pads/hair clippies/etc!)  Just for reference, here's my cute new purse:
I know.  I should've had it for Florida.
And here is the new pouch!  I was going for yellow, but a bright new mod floral will work too!

See, there's a teensy bit of orange in there! ; )
..and it kinda blends in better than my brown and ivory! : )
If you want to make a purse pouch:
1.  Find a fabric you love (interior design fabrics are thicker, and stand up 10x better!), and iron on stabilizer/interfacing to help it stay stiff.
2.  Get some matching thread and a zipper.  I chose green to go with the background of the floral.  You can choose a stand-out thread if you have mad sewing skills!  I also got a small roll of ribbon for the zipper pull.
3.  Cut your interfacing to your chosen size (mine was about 6x11), remember to include seam allowances!
4.  Iron the zipper and then iron the interfacing onto the wrong side of the fabric.  I center these over the flowers' colors that I like (if it's toile, I center over a cute picture).  Cut out after it has cooled.
5.  Sew in the zipper to the tops of the two sides.  I first sew a line along the outside edge of the zipper, then another to top it closer to the actual zipper.
6.  Now, you are almost done!  Sew the three extra sides together, wrong sides together.
7.  I like to keep it inside out, and fold the bottom corners open, to make a "bottom" for the pouch, so it'll stand up.
8.  Turn right side out, and you are done! : )

*If you want it monogrammed, have it done before step five.  I've done it before interfacing (and it makes the inside smooth), and after (for a nice embroidery job).  Today, I did it after interfacing, and still used stabilizer! : )


Heidi / D-Tales said...

You are seriously talented. Oh, how I would love to make a new little zipper pouch! Butthe last time I touched a sewing machine was home ec class in the 8th grade. I'm really wowed by your skills!

Your new purse is cute, too. Perfect for spring and summer!

Kendra said...

I LOVE your purse!!! Great taste girlie! :) Oh, and adorable zipper bag.

Stephanie said...

Holly, you are SO crafty! I am loving your blog. :)

Holly said...

heehee, thank YOU!! : ) I am so happy with my crazy purchase! It seemed so impractical (so small compared to my normal bottomless-bag), but I *heart* the flowers!! : ) and yellow? So unlike me! but 2011 feels like it needs a fresh start. ; ) hugs!